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ZampleBox Review

Part of what makes your vaping experience more enjoyable is the e-juice you utilize. Use an inferior product, and you have an unfortunate experience, but use a high-quality product, and your experience will be filled with satisfaction. On that note, we decided to put ZampleBox E-Liquids to see if they are up to standard as they claim.


It is without a doubt that ZampleBox gives the best options when it comes to e-liquids. Vapers all around the world can attest to the high-quality juices they provide. If you are still using inferior products that leave a bad taste, it is high time you give ZampleBox a shot. Do not worry; you will not be short of options as you have as much as 2000 tasty flavors to choose from.

How does ZampleBox Work?

ZampleBox operates as an e-juice subscription service and as such, they send you a variety of premium quality e-liquids based on your preferences and input. This unique feature is highly encouraging for new vapers who are just picking their first e-juice and don’t know how to go about it. Also, you are saved the time and stress from scouting different companies just to get your e-liquids.

Also, the choices that ZampleBox gives you means you can get a plethora of e-liquids at a discount as compared to when you have to buy each product from the different companies that make them. Guess what? You also save yourself from multiple shipping costs. The demerit of using sample box is that you might end up with some flavors that are not appealing to you and you may end up not using them.

As it stands, ZampleBox provides the following e-liquid brands;

  • Taffy Man

  • Cyber Liquids

  • Mad Hatter Juice

  • Space Jam Juice

  • Cosmic Fog

  • Emoji Juice

  • Z by ZampleBox

  • Oneup Vapor

What does ZampleBox offer?

Each month, ZampleBox sends boxes of e-liquids to its subscribed customers. The boxes come in three options; three, six, and eleven. You will be sent a question where you will choose your flavor preferences and your experience as a vaper. For our analysis, we ordered the gold ZampleBox. It comes in six different flavors of juice.

The popularity of ZampleBox is spreading not just across the United States, but also internationally. They don’t just deal on e-liquids alone; they also have other variety of vape apparels that they deal on.

The subscription involves you selecting on a questionnaire, a couple of flavors that you want and those you don’t want. The questionnaire can be lengthy to complete but, in the end, your time and effort are worth it. If you don’t know what flavor to pick, ZampleBox can select on your behalf. For our research and analysis, we chose candy, cereal, strawberry, and cream flavors.

There are three box sizes to choose from; silver which contains three flavors, gold with six flavors and platinum with eleven flavors. You have to choose your vaping level between beginners, intermediate and advanced. Your level helps the ZampleBox team to access your expectations, vaping habits and the device you might be using.

Pricing and shipping

ZampleBox ship their boxes according to two options; Monthly or Bi-monthly. This option allows you to skip a month if you are still on the previous box.

The monthly prices for each of the boxes are

  • Silver box 30-50ml for $19.99

  • Gold box 80-100ml for $24.99

  • Platinum box 150-180ml $44.99

As mentioned earlier, the ordering process can be a little bit longer, but it is easy and straightforward. All that is required of you is to simply, select your experience level, choose the flavors you want, the flavors you don’t want, and your nicotine strength. After that, you will select your choice from the three boxes.

ZampleBox shipping prices can be on the high side even for persons staying within the United States.

Monthly subscription billing

The billing process of ZampleBox is relatively simple. The current prices for that month calculate the price of each month.

Discounts and offers

Occasionally, ZampleBox gives out discount prices and promotional offers. So, now and then, the rates we’ve displayed may be different from what they have. They also have another exciting offer for folks who vape in groups. If you order two boxes at regular price, you get a complimentary box for free.

Customer service

We contacted the customer service, and under 24 hours we got a response. The swift response is a welcomed development.

Refund policy

ZampleBox doesn’t state in writing if you get a refund for flavors you don’t like. All they say is “will work with you to correct the situation. Depending on the situation, this may or may not result in a full refund.”

Final thoughts

For what it’s worth, the packages from ZampleBox are worth every fee. It is a vapers dream to have an array of flavor options to choose from.

Although the questionnaire for the signup process is lengthy, the entire signup process is easy and straightforward. Their customer service was swift with their response, and the boxes arrived as expected.

The quality of the e-liquids was terrific, and each flavor was delicious. Given all the positive attributes tied to ZampleBox, you should give it a try and see for yourself.