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Whitecloud Cirus 3 Review

White cloud is possibly the best-produced, most reliable, high-quality e-cig available anywhere.

Their quality control is second to none, which is why they can boast having extraordinarily high rates of customer satisfaction—and why they score so well in terms of the consistent reliability of their products.

White Cloud don’t pretend to be inexpensive.

That’s because they’re not. They’re one of the most costly e-cig products anywhere, and they happily admit it.
But they make an excellent case for why that is.

White Cloud charge you more, a lot more, so they say, because with White Cloud, unlike some other brands, you’re never going to get shoddy components, dead batteries, leaking cartomizers, and accessories that don’t work, or stop working after only a few months.

That’s pretty impressive.

Essentially, White Cloud have ceded those customers who make buying decisions based solely on price, in favor of attracting those customers who can appreciate quality.

I like their honesty and the boldness of their choice. It says to me they’re confident in their brand— and that makes me confident in their brand, too.

But how does their latest e-cig stack up against the less expensive competition? Is it worth the extra dollars?

I’ve recently been vaping the Cirrus 3, and the short answer is yes.

The packaging is nice. It looks sleek and modern. It feels like something that ought to cost a bit of money, like a brand new smartphone— so you feel like it’s money well spent.

When you open it up the components are stylish and look and feel well made.

It’s got all the components you get in the Cirrus II, except you also get a third battery, and a USB, as well as a wall charger. Having a third battery can be quite convenient.

The battery is small and lightweight and lasts an exceptionally long time.

In terms responsiveness, it earns absolute top marks, as well. Another benefit is the short amount of time it takes to charge it. It’s super quick, which is good news for users who appreciate convenience.

The battery handles well, so you get a smooth and easy draw— which comes very close to how a traditional cigarette draws.

This adds an authentic feel to the vaping experience, and is a feature I really enjoy.

For that reason alone, White Cloud will be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high quality transitional product.

And White Cloud’s Cirrus 3 lives up to its name with respect to vapour production. You get a thick volume of cloudy smoke with every pull. It hangs in the room just like real smoke, and makes for a satisfying vaping experience.

In terms of flavours, White Cloud, with their ‘flavour kick’ cartridges, have made great progress. There’s still some room to grow here, but White Cloud’s tobacco and espresso flavours are as good as almost anything produced by other top brands.

To sum it up: White Cloud’s prices may be sky-high, but, luckily so are their quality, and over all value