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Volcano E Cig Review

Volcano is a very rock and roll brand. In fact, it’s probably the coolest alternative to smoking you’ll find in an e-cig.

Most anyone who’s tried all the various quitting methods will tell you that e-cigs are the best option—the best alternative to smoking.

As a guy who’s tried literally almost everything, I can tell you, they’re right.

The trouble is, there are lots of different e-cigs on the market, so it can be hard to chose the right one.

Well, like I’ve said, Volcano is the Rock Star option.  If you’re fearless, if you’re all about having a good time, or if you’re just a bit of a badass, then this brand is absolutely for you.

This ain’t no ‘Pop Diva’ e-cig.

This isn’t a brand for wilting violets or wallflowers.

Volcano is for serious customers who want hard-core vaping with a serious kick—for customers who like to let their hair down and let off a little steam. That’s how I look at Volcano, and why I find it such a great fit for my lifestyle.

From the packaging to the vaping experience, to the flavours, the whole kit appeals to me because it’s got heat and edge. To start with, there’s the black charge pack with the fiery upside down V—complete with a lick of flame coming out the top.

That ought to give you a little clue about its intentions.

It’s a logo straight out of your favorite Rock band’s concert T-shirt.

Plus the pack itself is functional—small and easy to carry. You can keep all your accessories, your cartomizers, and your batteries in it— so you always have a vape ready to go.
But Volcano’s heat isn’t just in the packaging.

What’s inside is just as explosive. As you can imagine from the name, Volcano gives off a mighty amount of vapour. It’s one of the very top brands for the quality of thick vape you’ll get. That’s partly down to an excellent Mini-battery that works extraordinary well.

Like most of the top brands it’s a two-piece e-cig, one part battery, one part cartomizer. And Volcano have managed to get the size almost exactly the same as a real cigarette. That’s a major selling point for me.

In terms of taste, Volcano have seriously turned up the volume on flavour.

A couple of the other top brands do two or three flavours really well, and the rest are just okay. With Volcano, you can pretty much vape all of them. Tobacco, Menthol, and Kona Coffee are my three favorite flavours, but honestly, every other flavour they offer is fantastic.

I never thought I’d vape a pineapple-flavoured e-cig, but I did—and I liked it.

Volcano is a perfect substitute for smoking because it doesn’t feel like a substitute for smoking.

To sum it all up, Volcano packs a punch. It’s got bight and edge and heat. The flavours are exact. It’s got the right intensity to it. This is a brand that, most assuredly, will rock you.