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VaporFi Coupon Code

Shop premium e-liquid, vape mods, and beginner to intermediate e-cigs at VaporFi.com. Make use of the latest VaporFi promo code and coupons to reduce the next order. Your discount is going to be instantly applied at checkout.

About VaporFi (Formerly Vapor Zone)

VaporFi is really a Florida-based company offering an array of e-cigs from beginner to advanced-level ? and an array of premium, US-made e-fluids. It?s a subsidiary from the Worldwide Vapor Group, who also produces South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke, and promises to focus on the requirements of all vapers, specially the dedicated vapers who would like refillable tanks, clearomizers and enhancements in performance and battery capacity. They value quality, too, using USP grade (and kosher) base materials for his or her e-fluids and keeping them diacetyl-free.

VaporFi has numerous e-cigs and fluids available, varying in the cigarette-a-like Express (which will come inside a package with two batteries, USB charger and wall adapter for $29.99) to more complex variable current and temperature control outfitted options, such as the Vox 100 TC mod, which will come inside a package having a tank or RDA for $179.99 or alone for $149.99.

Between both of these extremes, there are many options suitable for mid-level vapers. The Professional II is definitely an eGo-style device having a 650 mAh battery, which has a matching tank and three spare organic cotton coil atomizers for $49.99, together with USB and wall chargers. The Rocket is really a step-up out of this, supplying a 1600 mAh battery enough to last most vapers via a day’s use plus a custom-built 2.5 ml tank with air flow control, five spare atomizers and USB and wall chargers, for $89.99.

The Advantage provides a similar setup towards the Rocket, however with a sub-ohm tank and much more capable, 1800 mAh battery to power it. The Advantage includes one .2 ohm and something .5 ohm coil, and also adjustable air flow, the tank includes a huge 7 ml e-liquid capacity. The Advantage package costs $129.99. The Vice starter package also provides a sub-ohm vaping experience, having a 2200 mAh battery thats also a bit more compact compared to the advantage. The tank is smaller sized (2.5 ml), however the package is a touch cheaper at $99.99.

For lengthy-term vapers searching for the most effective performance, VaporFi also offers a good choice of mods available. The Vox Small is easily the most fundamental offering, which has a maximum output of 40 W, support for atomizers lower to .3 ohms in resistance, spring-loaded 510 connection along with a battery that may released as much as 35 A of up-to-date with a 2500 mAh capacity. It arrives with a charger for $79.99, however, you can get it and among three tanks for $109.99 included in an entire starter package.

The Vox TC includes a similar feature-set, but requires a separate battery (that is incorporated whenever you buy), enhances the output to 50 W, and supports temperature control vaping with nickel. This really is available alone for $129.99 or perhaps in a package with either an RDA or perhaps a tank for $159.99. If you would like much more power, the only real other choice is the beastly Vox 100 TC described earlier, that provides a fairly unbeatable experience because of its substantial output and its 4500 mAh in-built battery.

There is lots of hardware available, whatever the kind of e-cigarette you want, and you may also get spare cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks, batteries and atomizer heads within the store?s accessories section. You will find loads of choices for tanks  including sub ohm tanks such as the Edge, vSix, vShock and Vice, two RDAs (the vBit and also the Secure) and an array of standard clearomizers and tanks for greater-resistance vaping. There’s ample choice here, and it is simple to find choices to suit both beginner vapers and individuals with experience rebuilding and cloud-chasing.

VaporFi is (formerly Vapor Zone) US-made e-liquid is available in a lot of different flavors across three different lines. For that standard e-fluids, 30 ml bottles cost $15.99 are available in five nicotine levels between and 18 mg per ml. The conventional fall into line of flavors are split up into 6 tobacco options (including American Red, Cuban Cigar and just Shisha), 4 menthols (including Menthol Ice and Peppermint Party), 16 desserts (including Very Vanilla, Sinfully Cinnamon, Dulce De Leche Caramel and Smooth Milk Chocolate), 21 fruits (including Cherry Crush, Krazy Kiwi and Strawberrylicious) and 11 others (including Java Jolt, Havana Rum and Cola Blast). You may also combine these (as much as three different flavors, for the similar cost per 30 ml) by any means you want for many unique vaping. For pre-filled cartridges, however, you?re restricted to Classic Tobacco, Mighty Menthol, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla and Chocolate Dream.

VaporFi has extended their e-liquid choices, too, creating two greater-quality different amounts of juice by means of the Reserve and Grand Reserve collections. The Reserve options possess a standard cost of $19.99 for any 30 ml bottle, and can include the custard and blueberry blend Monkey Business, the chocolate, cream and hazelnut Decadence, the earthy tobacco, coconut and vanilla Moroccan Gold and many more. The Grand Reserve collection is $21.99 for any 30 ml bottle, but includes several chef-inspired flavors such as the strawberry, tangerine and creme anglaise Rainbow Custard, the espresso, crushed hazelnut, caramel swirl and syrup Catch Ya Latte, the melon, pineapple and hibiscus Pineapple Bang and much more.

Overall, there is a great deal available from VaporFi, with sufficient to help keep smokers happy from the time they first result in the change to vaping to once they become dedicated vapers searching for unparalleled performance and different flavors.

Using Your VaporFi Promotion Code

Making use of your VaporFi promo code is simple with our coupons you will get the very best deals in your order. Stick to the steps below to redeem your discount:

Click on the promotion code link above to go to Vaporfi.com

Continue searching for your product or service

Once you are in the checkout page you will see that your discount continues to be calculated instantly

Complete the transaction

VaporFi Coupon and Ordering FAQs

Will the VaporFi coupon work in conjunction with on-site promotions?

No  if VaporFi is managing a promotion, this overrides our coupon instantly, however the savings for you’ll always be greater consequently.

What products will the promotion code affect?

Our VaporFi promotion code only pertains to hardware purchases, and it is applied instantly to qualified purchases whenever you click the link above.

Where does VaporFi ship?

VaporFi ships to a lot of different countries worldwide. Most countries are covered, but you can observe an entire list when entering the information you have during checkout.

Does VaporFi offer refunds?

Yes VaporFi includes a thirty day money-back guarantee. You can aquire a 100 % refund in your order contrary doesnt work, or maybe you are unsatisfied by any means.

Does VaporFi possess a warranty?

VaporFi provides a 90-day warranty on all their products aside from Clearance products,e-fluids, clearomizers, cartomizers, atomizer heads, tanks and drip tips. This provides protection whern there’s a producing defect, but doesnt cover misuse or normal deterioration. Quite simply, if you have a faulty device, you are able to claim around the warranty, although not if its associated with something you done.

What’s the VaporFi Home Delivery Program?

The House Delivery Program from VaporFi provides you with a choice of establishing a regular shipment of atomizer heads, cartridges or e-liquid, so you have a new package every 7 to 3 months (for the way frequently you need to receive them) and obtain ten percent off all purchases compared to purchasing the same products in-store. This program could be cancelled anytime.

What exactly are VaporFi Rewards Points?

Rewards Points from VaporFi are awarded to make purchases, departing reviews, referring buddies, discussing VaporFi products on social networking as well as for your birthday, plus they may be used to buy things. 200 points may be used to get $20 off anything in-store. You receive 1 point for each $1 spent, five for social shares, 20 points for the birthday and 200 for any referred friend buying VaporFi products.

Do VaporFi e-juices contain diacetyl?

No, VaporFi is e-fluids are totally diacetyl-free. There is a lab set of their website which confirms this.

How do you select a PG/VG ratio?

VaporFi offer two selections of PG/VG ratio on many of their e-juice flavors: 50/50 and 70/30. The greater-PG option (70/30) includes a more powerful throat hit, however the vapor production is much better around the 50/50. Generally, greater-VG e-fluids will also be thicker and dont soak into coils as effectively, but both options from VaporFi wick good enough to become useable with many atomizers.

How do you select a nicotine level?

Most pack-a-day smokers just transitioning to vaping discover that 1.eight percent nicotine is sufficient to satisfy their cravings. Should you smoked under a pack each day, you will probably find that 1.two percent is appropriate for you personally, so it is better to try a few different nicotine levels and find out which is the best for your requirements.

Which VaporFi device suits me?

Selecting the best device for your requirements is tough, with such an array of choices on offer from VaporFi this is often especially challenging. Generally, smokers just switching to vaping will probably like the Pro II, Rocket, Edge or Vice devices, but longer-term vapers will like the Vox Small, Vox TC or Vox 100 TC devices. However, this really is completely lower to non-public preference, so think about your needs carefully prior to making you buy the car.

How do you use VaporFi devices?

Generally, VaporFi is products work in the same manner since many e-cigarettes available on the market, but there are many video lessons on VaporFi is website that provide you additional information on how to use specific products.