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Vape Wild Review 2018

Vape wild


   Unique e-juice flavors and fantastic customer service is what Vape Wild is known for. This budding e-juice manufacturer from Dallas, Texas offers a large variety of e-juices at pocket-friendly prices without cutting corners with their products.

As a brand, the company is exciting in several ways. Research on their website shows a labeled section called Pretentious. This label has two items one tagged the most expensive E-juice of all time which sells at $500 and then there is another tag called Space Pawn E-juice, which from some funny reason, it is always sold out at all times.

The amazing attribute of Vape Wild is the large array of flavors it has in stock. At present, each flavor category ranges from Drinks, Food, Tobaccos, and even Menthols. If you want to get a taste of each flavor, you have the option of ordering small amounts of each of the flavors and give it a try. This option allows you to sample of the flavors without having to pay the full price for them.

Vape Wild Pricing

One of the highlights of Vape price is that even with their pocket-friendly prices, they never compromise on the quality of their products. In some places, low prices may signify poor quality, but that isn’t synonymous with Vape Wild. Each product is made with premium quality. Their current biggest deal is 10ml for $2.99, and it is a best seller. Put that into comparison with similar companies that offer 15ml for $12 or even charge more.

Packing and Design

Vape Wild offers the same packaging as any other e-juice manufacturer. Their flavors come in transparent plastic bottles. On the label, the name of the flavor is specified, nicotine strength, logo as well as PG/VG ratio. Interestingly, they offer a variety of packaging in several sizes ranging from 10ml to as high as 480ml.

Mixing Options

As with their variety of sizes, they also provide a range of mixing options. As an example, you can select three different PG/VG ratios as well as six different levels of nicotine strengths. The variety afforded means users can be adventurous in attempting to see which of these variety meets their needs.

The different level of nicotine can be beneficial for those who either want to increase their nicotine count or are looking to wean off of nicotine. This variety offers lots of versatility. Also, VG can produce more vapor while PG offers a more deep throat feel and at the same time a better flavor. Too much of either PG or VG can ruin the flavor. The way to use it all depends on your preferences and taste.

The positives about Vape Wild

  • Amazing customer service

  • A large variety of flavors

  • Numerous mixing options you can utilize to customize your e-juice

  • You can ask for a customized artwork on your e-juice

  • A special handwritten thank you note which shows they care about you.

  • Childproof packaging

  • Free samples of their top flavors for orders above $15

  • Orders above $30 get priority shipping

Negatives about Vape Wild

  • The products have different steep times which changes the flavor

  • Their free samples only include a limited number of flavors, and also, you are not afforded the option to select top tobacco flavors

  • The biggest negative about Vape Wild is that their ingredients are not well stated on the label. On contacting customer support, they stated all their flavors are well tested in the lab, and they meet they meet with the required standards.

Vape Wild- Flavor Boost

The flavor boost should not be mistaken for a flavor; instead, it is just a booster that is added to other flavors to intensify their output. It comes in 10ml bottles. Using Vaping Flavor boost alone only generates a sour taste that clogs the atomizer up. When we tried it, we found out that it boosted some flavors more than others. It went well with most fruity flavors except for Peanut butter jelly time, in which it entirely poorly alerted the flavor.

Vape Wild Flavors

Vape Wild has a vast range of flavors. The flavors range from beverage flavors, fruity flavors, tobacco flavor, and even candy flavors. We tried our hands on some of them.

Other Vape wild products

Vape Wild also offers a wide range of products as well as an incredible customer service. They have atomizers, starter kits, chambers and other variety of products including a DIY juice kit that allows you to make something that fits your need when they don’t have it among their flavors.


Vape Wild is a game changer in the Vape industry and one that has come to put a new spin on things. They are customer oriented, and as such, they provide premium quality products at pocket-friendly prices. It gets you on the level you want to be on a friendly budget.

Vapor Wide has an extensive range of flavors. So, no matter what flavor range you need, you can get it with Vapor Wide. The price is affordable, and the product is quality. Vape Wild provide their customers with a free 10ml Mystery Flavor each month. This mystery flavor becomes their next big juice.

There is also a 10ml Vape it forward bottle with every purchase. Because of the numerous flavors available, it will be wise to try out smaller samples of each flavor to know which flavor meets your taste first before making a larger order. Give Vape wild a try and let us know what you think.