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V2 E-Cigs Review 2018 (Electronic Cigarette)

It is always difficult deciding on which brand of electronic cigarette to choose, however, this is made significantly simpler with the same few brands being constantly mentioned time and time again. One of the most well known and highly regarded e-cigarette brands is V2 Cigs, this review will provide an overview of their main products. They have a huge presence within the e-cigarette community and are commonly advertised as being “The world’s number one e-cigarette”, their international success speaks volumes with V2 Cigs undoubtedly being one of the most popular brands about. As with many of the more prominent brands, V2 Cigs has a wide range of both flavors and strengths to curter for any potential customers needs! These are certainly not ones to be missed and are definitely worth a good look at.

✔ Good vapor volume
✔ Aesthetically appealing
✔ Rich and authentic flavors & strengths
✔ Ingredients are included on site
✔ Lifetime warranty
✔ 30-day money back guarantee
✔ Automatic & Manual battery included
ᚷ E-Liquid flavors (personal preference)
ᚷ Cartomizers are sealed


One massive bonus that V2 Cigs offer over and above most other e-cigarette brands is the availability of a beginner kit to test them out before making a full purchase. This beginner kit, although not as good value as the standard kit, enables first time users to try out the e-cigarette experience before fully making the switch. The standard kit is about the average price of a typical starter e-cigarette kit on today’s market but with the discount codes above it becomes even more affordable. When compared to the equivalent amount of traditional cigarettes it is clear to see that a considerable amount of money would be saved by switching to V2 Cigs.


V2 Cigs’ Standard Kit came in a large (but tightly packed!) box which looked very professional and it looked quite impressive indeed. Clearly the packaging has no bearing on the functionality and of course quality of the final product, but first impressions definitely do count for something! Anyway, the box contained two cartomiser packets, two batteries and two chargers. My initial impressions were that the company cared an awful lot about all the little details, the packaging was particularly sturdy and everything was very well organised.

The two batteries I purchased (one short length and one standard length) were of appropriate length for a cigarette, although V2 Cigs do also sell a longer version, all of these batteries come as either automatic or manual variants. With the attached cartomiser ending (colour matching the cartomiser flavour) the entire e-cigarette looked very stylish and of a high build quality. The cartomiser packs, which consisted of 5 individual cartomisers, was nicely designed and the boxes contained lots of useful information. Additionally the USB charger features a V2 Cigs logo which lights up when charging an e-cigarette. From the appearance alone it was clear that V2 Cigs were already miles ahead of many other e-cigarette brands and why they are such a dominant figure in the e-cigarette market.

V2 Cigs e-cigarettes are comprised of two seperate components, the flavour cartridge and the battery. The flavour cartridges are filled with a proprietary e-liquid; a solution of propylene glycol, water, flavorings and nicotine or non-nicotine, in a selected flavour and strength. The cartridges themselves contain built in atomizers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required on any of V2 Cigs’ products which is a huge bonus!


The ingredients making up V2 Cigs’ E-Liquid  together are designed to formulate both an authentic throat hit and a substantial vapour volume. I personally found that there is a direct correlation between the nicotine strength and vapour volume, the weaker strength products seem to produce a little less vapour than the stronger ones. The flavours all tasted very unique and the traditional tobacco flavours tasted much alike any ordinary cigarette. V2 Cigs offer a total of 10 flavours and 5 different strengths, this level of variety is almost unheard of and so is another big plus. Currently the different flavours on offer are;

  • Red is a classic American tobacco blend. Hearty Virginia tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness, this bold flavour is a top seller.
  • Congress has a smooth refined tobacco taste. Its flavour notes start with light American tobacco and end with a smooth finish.
  • Sahara is a rich Turkish tobacco blend.
  • Cool, minty, and refreshing, V2 Menthol is the brand’s most popular flavour. Even non-menthol smokers love this crisp flavour formula that feels like exhaling a Tic Tac.
  • Peppermint Flavour Cartridges are absolutely scrumptious. With peppermint and sugar swirled together with a touch of spearmint, this flavour has a strong following. Even if you are not a menthol smoker, you’ll love the sweet taste of V2 Peppermint.
  • Mint Tea is bursting with refreshing mint combined with the smooth, soothing properties of green tea. This flavour was such a hit that V2 added it to its permanent flavour selection.
  • Vanilla is the most popular specialty flavour from the V2 line. You’ll love V2 Vanilla if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Coffee is a rich Columbian blend, with a hint of cream and sugar. Popular with everyone who enjoys a good cup of Joe, V2 Coffee is a great addition to your morning routine.
  • Chocoholics love the creamy milk choco flavour of V2 Chocolate. A rich taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth, V2 Chocolate cartridges are sure to satisfy your cravings.
  • Cherry is bursting with ripe, juicy cherry goodness. If you enjoy fresh fruit flavours, V2 Cherry is the flavour for you.

Vapour Production

Prior to trying out V2 Cigs’ a friend of mine made me aware of the vast vapour production capability of the KR808 battery that V2 Cigs yield. Clearly this set the bar pretty high and I am pleased so say that V2 Cigs did not dissapoint one bit. I received a significant amount of vapour from every single drag with almost no effort, this was one of the outstanding features of these e-cigarettes. Very few other e-cigarette brands come close to these vapour production standards and consequently I believe they are the perfect alternative for someone looking for a smoking like experience without real smoke.

Battery Life

V2 Cigs’ KR808 battery is well known for its high-end and long last performance. A consequence of this was that I was expecting no less than the best from my V2 Cigs Standard Kit and yet again they provided me with over 4 hours vaping on the smaller 150 mAh battery. The larger 380 mAh battery, although a little large (110 mm), lasted considerably longer and easily outlasts a single working day – couldn’t ask for anything more!


The standard kit comes with a guaranteed 30-day money back guarantee, this shows just how confident V2 Cigs are that their product will not disappoint. Furthermore the kit comes with a lifetime warranty that covers just about everything except the following :

Defects or costs caused by:

  1. modification, alteration, repair or service of this product by any persons or company other than V2Cigs.com;
  2. physical abuse to, or misuse of the product or operation thereof in a manner inconsistent with the use indicated in the V2 instruction manual; or
  3. any use of the product other than that for which it was originally intended (i.e the use of unapproved accessories, like non V2 chargers or power adapters)

This is without doubt the best warranty on offer from any e-cigarette brand on the market and it again shows the clear quality of the product on offer from V2 Cigs, fantastic!