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v2 cigs coupon code

Our exclusive V2 Cigs coupon code and coupons help give you the best cost on V2 ecigarette starter kits, cartridges, accessories and e-fluids. Just go into the V2 promo code at checkout to benefit from these offers. All V2 Cigs online coupons are verified weekly and updated using the best prices available. Conserve to 60% if you use our coupons on clearance products.

About V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is among the definitive e-cigarette brands, getting made their reputation for their two-piece, pen-sized e-cigs that actually pack a punch with regards to vapor production. The Florida-based manufacturer began in ’09, and it has been gathering a terrifying and virtually perfect status since. They provide automatic and manual batteries in a number of sizes, twelve cartridge flavors, e-liquid versions from the cartridge flavors and many starter kits. Within the different kits, you will find awesome extras like portable charging cases, transporting cases and USB pass-through e-cigs to help keep dedicated vapers happy. You cant fail with V2 eCigs.

V2 Cigs continues to be among the greatest names within the e-cigarette industry today, using their choices expanding in the cigarette-sized devices they provided their reputation for and in to the wider field of vape pens and also the bigger V2 Pro series. They earned their status by consistently creating top quality products and valuing customer support most of all, and absolutely nothing has altered. Whether you?re a new comer to vaping or you used e-cigs for any lengthy time, V2 continues to have something to provide. Their devices offer plumes of vapor, mouthwatering flavor and therefore are all come up with towards the greatest of standards.

Getting experienced operation because the beginning of the profession, V2 offers many devices. The 2-piece cigarette-sized models continue to be fundamentally of who V2 are, and they’ve several kits available, varying in the Standard Package ($39.95), which will come with two batteries (either in automatic or manual operation), USB charger and wall adapter and 10 cartomizers up to the best Package ($99.95), which reinforces the choice to 3 portable batteries, a wired, USB-powered e-cigarette, 25 cartomizers, USB charger, wall adapter along with a vehicle adapter, a lanyard, a carry situation along with a portable charging situation.

Along with the traditional cartomizer-operated e-cigs, V2 is Classic range includes the E-Liquid Package ($59.95), which will come with two batteries, but replaces the cartomizers with three EX Blank clearomizers, and includes two 25 ml bottles of e-liquid in addition to a USB charger and wall adapter. The newbie-friendly V2 line-up is finished through the EX Number of devices, which raise the battery existence as compared to the fundamental models, and includes improved cartridges which include a window so that you can visit your remaining e-liquid level instantly. These can be found in kits much like individuals for that standard line-up, most abundant in affordable package including two batteries, USB and wall chargers and 10 cartridges for $59.95, and also the Ultimate Package ($129.95) being similar to the one for that standard e-cigs however with the raised EX series batteries and cartridges.

The 12 e-juice flavors available through V2 include several tobaccos for example V2 Red, Congress and Sahara and lots of other available choices including Chocolate, Coffee, Grape, Cola, Vanilla and Cherry. All of these are like fluids to be used along with other devices along with the EX Blanks and much more advanced possibilities from V2, or as cartridges for any simpler, more cigarette-like experience.

V2 has stored track of the trends in the market, though, now offering a variety of vape pens and much more advanced devices plus the cigarette-sized options. The V2 Pro series is one thing of the game-changer, able to support either e-liquid, loose leaf or wax and concentrates, opening an entire ” new world ” of vaping. The devices instantly recognize which kind of cartridge you placed, as well as heat the chamber towards the optimal vaping temperature. The connections are magnetic, breaking new ground when it comes to simplicity of use, and also the devices operate in pass-through mode, so that you can vape while charging.

There’s two devices within the Pro series, the Series 3 and also the Series 7, each of which have a similar core features, but they are various sizes and for various kinds of vapers. The Series 3 is essentially a vape pen, having a 650 mAh battery, automatic temperature and current control along with a 1.6 ml e-liquid capacity. It has a reasonably small (385 mm cubed) loose leaf capacity, so it is perfect for individuals searching for any greater-quality vaping knowledge about e-juice, and charges $59.99.

The V2 Pro Series 7 ($169.99) is larger all-round, having a 1800 mAh battery, a couple.5 ml e-liquid capacity along with a 1300 mm cubed loose leaf capacity. Additionally, it includes three manual settings for current and temperature (in addition to automatic), so that you can tailor your vape for your preferences.

From V2Cigs is top-quality, using their beginner kits to their greater-finish, three-in-one V2 Pro series, so that you can be assured you receive a few of the best vaping products available on the market.

To learn more, browse the latest V2 Cigs reviews to discover what customers are saying regarding their products.

V2 Cigs versus. Other E-Cigs

Click the link to check V2 e-cigs along with other popular ecigarette brands for example Blu Cigs, Eco-friendly Smoke, and NJOY.

Using Your V2 Cigs Coupon Code

Wish to claim your V2 Cigs promo code? Simply stick to the steps below.

  1. Copy among the coupons displayed above, after which hit Copy within the window that appears.
  2. Visit www.v2.com.
  3. Look for starter kits or vape pens and click on “Buy Now” near the option you would like.
  4. Choose your battery color, length and switch option (either automatic or manual).
  5. Choose your flavor preferences and nicotine level.
  6. Click “add to cart”.
  7. Click the cart icon at the very top left from the screen and select “Checkout”.
  8. Either login making use of your current email address and password or enter your current email address within the “New Customer” section before clicking “Continue”.
  9. Enter your shipping information within the fields provided. Choose your preferred shipping method.
  10. Over the “Credit/Debit Card” section, it states “Have a coupon code? Apply here” – click “Apply here” a single article the area.
  11. Paste (or by hand copy) your preferred promotion code in to the field.
  12. Click “Apply”.
  13. Your promotion code is going to be applied!
  14. Enter your payment details and click on “Place Order” to complete.

Disclaimer: You’ve got to be of Legal Smoking Age to purchase and/or use V2 Cigs products.

V2 Cigs Promotion Code and Ordering FAQs

Will the coupons work with V2 Pro Series 3 and V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizers?

Yes, the discounts does apply to any or all V2 products, such as the V2 Pro 3 and V2 Pro 7 vape pens.

Where does V2 Cigs ship?

V2 Cigs ships worldwide, covering several countries outdoors the united states through it?s worldwide sites. You can observe a complete listing of sites on their own worldwide page.

So how exactly does expedited shipping work?

Selecting expedited shipping will lessen the time that it requires to receive your item, but processing occasions for the order within the warehouse would be the just like for non-expedited shipping.

Can One track my order?

Yes, login for your requirements and click on “View Order Status” to trace the transaction.

Can One cancel my order?

You are able to cancel the transaction by going to the V2 site and talking with the client service team while using live chat service, provided it hasn’t recently been shipped.

Let’s say I order a product that’s sold-out?

Orders above $75 be eligible for a partial shipping if a couple of products are sold-out.

What’s the Vape 4 Free program?

The Vape 4 Free program is V2’s loyalty program, enabling you to earn points by looking into making purchases, referring buddies along with other actions, which could then be redeemed for products in the V2 store.

Can One combine V2 coupons on a single order?

Just one promotion code can be utilized per order. Which means you can?t, for instance, make use of the 15% off starter package and also the 10% off all things in-store coupons together.

What nicotine strength must i buy?

1.8% nicotine is usually enough to fulfill a pack-a-day smoker, but when you?re a heavier smoker, 2.4% could be the best option. At a lower price frequent smokers, 1.2% or perhaps lower offer enough nicotine.

Must I have an automatic or perhaps a manual battery?

Automatic batteries provide a more smoking-like experience, as well as the best performance, manual batteries are usually suggested.

How lengthy do V2 cartridges last?

The lifespan of the cartridge varies for the way you vape, but typically, standard cartridges can last for approximately 200 puffs and EX series cartridges can last for 400.

Should i charge my battery before I personally use it?

Yes. Batteries are shipped having a 50% charge, as well as the the best results it?s suggested to completely charge them just before use. Disposables are shipped fully billed, though.

How lengthy will my battery last?

Like cartridge lifespan, battery existence depends upon the way you vape, and can change from user to user. However, a typical-size, classic V2 battery can last for approximately four to five hrs before it must be billed. Bigger batteries have longer lifespans, and V2 Pro batteries (the biggest available) can last considerably longer.

How do you charge my battery?

Charge your battery while using incorporated USB charger, using the wall adapter should you don?t possess a USB slot to charge with. The Brought around the charger illuminates red whenever your battery is charging, and turns blue when it’s fully billed.

Can One combine V2 Cigs coupons with on-site sales?

V2 coupons and discounts could be coupled with sales running on V2.com: this really is the easiest method to increase your savings in your order.