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SmartCigs Review 2018

SmartCigs is a relatively new brand to the UK’s electronic cigarette market, the company was once affiliated with the ever popular V2 Cigarette brand, although following a break-away in the business they now rival them. SmartCigs are quickly becoming one of the UK’s most successful brands with sales sky-rocketing over the past few years. Very few other UK based e-cigarettes we have tested have stood up to the might of the giants from across the Atlantic, however, SmartCigs are a completely different breed and definitely have it in them. SmartCigs currently offer numerous different starter kits with prices varying between £24.99 for their entry level deluxe kit and £64.99 for the aptly named Prestige kit. In this review however we will be looking at the Premier kit which is currently priced on their website at a very reasonable £36.99.


✔ Large vapour volume
✔ Range of flavours provided with kit
✔ Lifetime warranty
✔ Superb flavour and throat hit
✔ Long battery life
ᚷ Charger is of poor quality
ᚷ Not the best looking (Personal preference)
ᚷ No carry case (Out of stock)


Electronic cigarette starter kits are usually very much alike, regardless of the brand you choose. They may have slightly different designs, come in different sizes and include accessories that slightly vary, but really they’re pretty much the same. Saying that, SmartCigs electronic cigarette kits are one of the few that stand out from the crowd. Everything about SmartCigs £36.99 Premium starter kit is very high quality and is good value for money!


From the minute the package arrived from SmartCigs I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed. Despite this, I am one of those who stands by the statement “Never judge a book by its cover” and so I do realise that appearance has no bearing on the quality of the so called ‘Smart Cig’. SmartCigs Premier Kit arrived timely in a fairly large black box with the SmartCigs logo on the front, it really didn’t appeal to me in the slightest and was rather plain. Inside the box was 2 batteries, which were larger than most others we have tested, 4 cartomiser packs (each with 5 cartomisers inside), a USB charger, a mains adapter and a sturdy metal carry case. Nothing about this kit looked exceptional, it was all pretty well made and did the job but very little else.

SmartCigs premium kit comes with 2 batteries of your choice, I personally chose a white one and black one. The white battery had a useful function in the form of a button that once pressed it activates the e-cigarette. The black battery was completely automatic and so there’s no button and it works whenever, wherever. Simply take a drag as you would with any other smoking device. I must say I have not come across any other brand that has a button on a battery of this size and I think for SmartCigs it’s a nice added feature. It’s certainly something unique. Each battery has a different colour LED tip, my white battery has a red tip whilst the black battery has a blue tip.


The cartomiser flavours manufactured by SmartCigs are setting a new level for the industry’s standard, they truly are unlike any other brand I have tried so far. Every flavour that I tried had something about it that I loved, none of them were overpowering, they were simply perfect and absolutely miles ahead of other brands.

One issue with the brand is that they only offer 3 different strengths of nicotine, this is rather small but they do offer low (6 mg), medium (12 mg) and high (18 mg) strengths. There is a lot to choose between when it comes to flavours, currently there are 10 different ones including Red Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, Blue Tobacco, Cola, Coffee, Cherry, Menthol, Peppermint, Strawberry and Vanilla. The real tobacco flavours tasted so authentic and alike many normal cigarettes it was staggering. Each drag provided an adequate throat hit and a taste so good that many would be utterly shocked at the quality of these e-cigarettes.

Vapour Production

These e-cigarettes aren’t like many of the poorer brands which struggle to produce sufficient amounts of warm vapour to mimic real smoke. SmartCigs have produced a product which pours out an awful lot of vapour which is great because you really do get the feeling that you are are smoking. I think it is important to remind new users that you are no longer smoking however, you are now vaping!

Battery Life

Another impressive feature that SmartCigs boasted was batteries that lasted for about 2-3 hours of fairly heavy use and so with normal usage they’d last for 5 maybe 6 hours before needing a recharge.


Here is a direct quote from SmartCigs FAQ, it illustrates the excellent lifetime warranty they have for all of their products, fantastic!

  • We warrant that your SmartCigs™ product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the full life of the product. This warranty does not cover any defects caused by:
  • Modification, alteration, repair or service of this product by any persons or company other thansmartcigs.co.uk
  • Physical abuse to, or misuse of the product or operation thereof in a manner inconsistent with the use indicated in the SmartCigs™ instruction manual
  • Any use of the product other than that for which it was originally intended (i.e the use of unapproved accessories, such as non SmartCigs™ chargers or power adapters