|||||||| Pros And Cons Of Vaping: A Better Alternative? |10 Things You Must Know

A better alternative? Pros and cons of vaping, explained.

Is vaping dry herb and e-liquid any better compared to tobacco smoking? Keep reading to find out.

Regardless of where you’re getting your nicotine from – being that out of a vaporizer, savoring your THC, or enjoying some e-juice – there are clear pros and cons to both. Spoiler alert before we even get started: at the end of the day, it’s your life, and only you can determine what’s right for you. Of course, we are fond of the vape life, but if you think otherwise – the power to you! In turn, we’ll be as objective as possible in today’s material.

Pros of vaping e-cigarettes

There are several bonuses e-cig fans enjoy, including but not limited to:

  • Feeling good. Those who made a switch to vaping often get shocked by how good it feels to cough less, breathe better, have glowing skin, and regain elevated energy levels. In addition, some vapers report less gastrointestinal discomfort, better blood flow to the extremities and improved sense of taste and smell upon ditching the cigarettes.
  • More money in your pocket. If you have a spare $30, you can purchase a decent starter kit and start enjoying the benefits of vaping ASAP. Over time, upon purchasing a quality vape mod and tank, you’ll limit the expenses to a new coil head every week, and your favourite juice every now and then.
  • Options everywhere. Unlike cigarettes, vapes come in so many flavors and styles – and mixing possibilities are also endless! In addition, there is a wide variety of vaping devices, each one having its own personality. Win!
  • Avoiding the horrible smell. No more stinkies! Even though cigarette smoking and vaping may look very similar, they are distinctively different in nature. Unlike cigarettes, vaping supplies tend to smell like sugar, and spice, and everything nice – think cotton candy, lollies and cinnamon donuts. No one is going to hate on that, guaranteed!
  • Reclaiming your health. According to research, many smokers believe that the habit is so unhealthy that making any positive lifestyle adjustments such as exercising is a complete waste of time. In turn, self-neglect often leads to low mood and even depression, weight gain…and more smoking. Vapers, on the other side, tend to enjoy their exercise much more and lead healthier lifestyles.

Now that we’ve covered some of our favorite pros, it’s time for the…

Cons of vaping e-cigarettes

  • Provoked allergies. The insane variety of available e-liquid flavors comes at a cost – there are endless additives that these products can contain, some of which may facilitate allergic responses in certain people. Additionally, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine can be allergens for some individuals, and these ingredients can be found in most juices. Sometimes, purchasing a juice that only has one of those ingredients helps prevent the symptoms.
  • Judgment. Despite the dramatic rise in overall popularity, many people have no idea what vaping is, or that it’s very different from cigarette smoking. As a result, you may be harshly judged in public – however, those conversations, if you have enough time and patience, can be great opportunities to educate the public on vaping.
  • Battery misuse. Let us get is straight – there are no batteries specifically created for vaping. Most are safe; however, there has been an increased number of incidents involving misuse of rechargeable batteries. On the positive side, those are entirely preventable – just do your research and use every opportunity to educate others.
  • Desert in your mouth. There is no way around it – dry mouth is a common side effect of vaping. A helpful tip is to simply increase your water intake, as not meeting your fluid requirements in conjunction with vaping is a definite way to start suffering from a dry mouth, pronto.
  • Feeling dizzy. This side effect is not exclusive to vaping and depends solely on the nicotine content of the product. Whilst there are some benefits to nicotine use, excessive consumption can be dangerous. One of the more serious side effects is feeling dizzy or flush – if that happens to you, put the vape down immediately and go get some fresh air, otherwise, you will likely need medical attention.
  • E-juice quality. Finding “the right” e-juice can be an ordeal, as the industry remains poorly regulated, with many mediocre products released every day. In addition, even quality juices vary in flavor, and something that your friend enjoys may seem disgusting to you. There is a lot of information online on picking good e-juices – so again, this point comes down to a combination of research and personal preference.

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of e-cigs, let’s discuss dry herb!

Pros of vaping dry herb

  • Lack of combustion. Dry herb and cannabis won’t be burned in the process, therefore eliminating exposure with toxins commonly associated with smoking, such as carbon monoxide and tar.
  • Less stinkies. In vaporizers, herbs are roasted at relatively low temperatures, which means much less odor compared to traditional smoking. It’s worth noting though that there will still be some unpleasant odor – but nearly not as much!
  • Health benefits of medical cannabis. Medicinal cannabis patients are early adopters of vaporizers – following the recommendations of their treating doctors.
  • Less harsh than smoking. Many vaporizers allow for temperature tweaks, meaning you can make the experience much less harsh than smoking if you want to.
  • Yummy flavor. Dry herb vaporizers feature an entirely different tasting experience compared to simply smoking herb. No burnt resin or lighter fluid – just clean herbal notes. Vaporizing often helps distinguish between individual taste profiles and terpenes, which makes for a much more pleasant experience.
  • Mellowness. As mentioned above, vaporizing is typically not as intense as smoking. Playing with different cannabis strains and temperatures, you’ll soon be able to calibrate the mellowness to your liking.
  • Break the session when you want, as vaporizers are usually equipped with on-demand heating. Never miss that bus again because you’re still smoking!
  • Numerous health benefits that are recognized by health professionals and researchers alike.

Those are just some of the benefits, but of course, vaping dry herbs is not all fun and games. Here are the…

Cons of vaping dry herb

  • The price bites. Unfortunately, marijuana vaporizers aren’t cheap – especially the good ones. Of course, they are more efficient compared to traditional methods of smoking, which helps save tons of money in the long run. However, the initial costs are high, and there is no way around that.
  • Plugging in and charging the device can be a hassle – and without a power outlet in sight, you may not be able to use your precious vaporizer when you need it most.
  • There is cleaning and maintenance involved, and these steps are crucial for performance. Those who regularly maintain their vaporizers keep stressing the importance of this ritual if you want to get the best vaping experience.
  • You need to spend some time getting to know the process – it’s not exactly rinsed and repeat, at least initially. Inexperienced users often make mistakes leading to material wastage or yucky taste. However, once you’ve mastered the art, you’re unstoppable!


Hope you enjoyed this material and have a better idea of what’s best for you now. Enjoy whatever you like the most – and happy vaping!