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Nicolites Review


Nicolites is a UK based electronic cigarette brand which was founded in 2007 and their products are primarily aimed at the cheaper end of the e-cigarette market. Despite being generally overlooked by most e-cigarette users due to being completely overshadowed by the larger international companies, they do produce reasonably priced and well made products. Currently there are several different products that are on offer from Nicolites including a range of both disposable & rechargeable e-cigarettes as well as various other accessories too. Their basic starter kit is advertised online at £19.99 which is one of the cheapest around, whilst their most popular disposable e-cigarette package is the Nicolites mini which retails at £15 for a pack of 3. This review will look at Nicolites’ basic starter kit and also the disposable e-cigarettes.

✔ Inexpensive
✔ Authentic tobacco flavour
✔ Lifetime warranty
ᚷ Low quality product
ᚷ Short cartomiser life
ᚷ Poor battery life

The Review


Nicolites’ basic starter kit retails at £19.99 and is one of the lowest priced starter kits you can find at the moment. The starter kit is pretty ‘bog standard’ and simply comes with the bare minimum in the form of a cartomizer, battery and charger. In reality it is extremely difficulty to fault Nicolites for the price of their product, however we felt the quality of all the components were sub standard so it didn’t quite make that coverted 5 star rating.


Given that Nicolites electronic cigarettes are relatively inexpensive compared to most other brands they can be forgiven for not offering much in the way of appearance. The Nicolites starter kit came as a basic vacuum packed bundle which displayed the cartomiser, battery, usb charger and absolutely nothing else. You really do get just what you pay for here, nothing more. It was evident that the company had clearly cut corners to keep the prices low – at the expensive of looking fancy like the top brands who do charge more. Overall this start kits’ looks were fairly underwhelming, the branding present on the battery was very obtrusive and nothing about the product in general stood out as being spectacular at all.


There is a choice of 3 different cartomiser flavours which include plain tobacco, cherry and menthol. These flavours, as with many brands, are available in a range of different nicotine strengths including Zero (0 mg), Low (6 mg), Medium (11 mg) and High (16 mg). We tried out both the standard tobacco flavour and cherry flavour at the medium strength and were pleasantly surprised with the taste. The tobacco flavour was very similar to many of the more expensive brands taste, although with significantly less of a throat hit. The cherry flavour was also rather nice too and Nicolites had definitely exceeded expectations in this department. One further dissapointment we found was the small range of cartomiser flavours that Nicolites’ offered in both their rechargable and disposable e-cigarettes.

Vapour Production

The amount of vapour production by Nicolites was yet another sub-standard feature of these e-cigarettes, not only the quantity but the throat hit was very minimal too. If you are looking for a realistic smoking experience then Nicolites are possibly not the brand for you, this seems to be a common occurance in the less expensive brands.

Battery Life

The battery supplied with the starter kit was very disappointing and required recharging a lot more frequently than other e-cigarette batteries that I have tried. If you are looking for an e-cigarette that will last for an entire working day then Nicolites are simply not for you, 2 batteries will almost certainly be required for even minimal usage.


Nicolites offer a lifetime warranty for all of their electrical components including batteries and adapters. Conversely consumable products such as cartomisers and also disposable products have no warranty at all.