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Litejoy Review


Litejoy is a relatively small and newly emergent electronic cigarette brand which is based within the UK. They, alike many other companies, are trying to lay claim to their stake of the ever popular and rapidly growing e-cigarette market. Their array of particularly vibrant electronic cigarette starter kits are priced between £7.99 at the budget entry level, right up to £39.99 for their top-end PCC kit. Litejoy have an extremely well organised website which is easy to navigate. The website not only sells rechargeable e-cigarettes but also e-shisa kits, disposable e-cigarettes and various other types of e-cigarette paraphernalia. In this review I will explore the higher priced Litejoy PCC starter kit because it is their most popular product and therefore likely appeals to a larger majority of e-cigarette users.

✔ Inexpensive
✔ Large vapour volume
✔ 12 month warranty
ᚷ Overly flamboyant design (Personal preference)
ᚷ No throat hit
ᚷ Weak flavours

The Review


Litejoy are one of a very few electronic cigarette brands that has products aimed at all different price budgets. Their entry level starter kit, at a mere £7.99, is not only one of the cheapest starter kits around but it is of reasonably good quality too.


One thing that struck me about these electronic cigarettes when I first received the package was the extremely vibrant design. The Litejoy PCC kit (LJPRO-1) came in a matte black case, on the front it had a battery indicator and it wasn’t particularly appealing at all compared to their competitors’ offerings. The 2 piece e-cigarette itself looked very odd indeed, the entirity of it was covered in an almost hypnotic green swirling pattern. As original as it may be, I couldn’t help but think that I would look ridiculous using it in public and so this was a massive negative for me and I believe many others too!


As with many of todays electronic cigarette brands, Litejoy currently market a total of 9 different disposable cartomiser flavours and 20 e-liquid flavours too. Litejoy also offer a 5 piece cartomiser pack which enables users to select their 5 favourite flavours, this is particularly beneficial because e-liquid is generally far cheaper than standard cartomisers. One issue we found with the Litejoy PCC starter kit was that there was only one flavour provided, the classic original tobacco flavour at one single strength too. The classic original tobacco flavour and additional flavours we purchased did not stand out compared to other similarly priced brands. Each of the flavours were either too strong or almost too arteficial for our liking so we cannot recommend Litejoy in this department either!

Vapour Production

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette which produce large quantities of vapour then Litejoy might just have the thing for you. This is one of the few good qualities this e-cigarette has to offer, it produces substantial (although not the most we have seen!) quantities of vapour with very minimal effort.

Battery Life

Litejoy’s PCC starter kit came with two rechargeable batteries which may be charged via either the USB adapter or the PCC itself. Throughout one working day I required the use of both batteries so they were by no way special but fairly average for their price. If you are a very heavy smoker then you may want to invest in a more pricey brand which can guarantee the longer usage times you require. One feature that this kit offered which was a clear advantage over many others was that it displayed the depleted battery life on the front face of the PCC.


Litejoy offer a no hassle 7 day refund policy if the buyer is unsatisfied with the product for whatever reason. Additionally they also offer a 30 day return policy if the product is faulty, in this case they will either replace or refund the product as specified by the buyer.