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How to Vape Or Vaping For The First Time

You are part of those who want to learn how to vape right? I know you’ve heard it’s quite complicated and challenging, but don’t let that put off your vaping spirit, that’s why you have us, and we are here to assist you.

Vaping is an enjoyable phenomenon that you must first experience before you can fully grasp and understand it.

But before you can bring out your training wheels and learn how to properly vape, you need to know what you will be vaping.

To make sure you understand, we’ve been vaping into two parts; Dry Herb and E-Liquid (E-juice)

Dry Herb vaping entails the use of a vaporizer that is made for dry herb, be it a portable device or a desktop unit. Dry Herb generally refers to as cannabis, although it can be tobacco or any other herbs

E-Liquid Vaping entails the use of e-juices in a large device called personal vaporizers, or n smaller devices know as electronic cigarette. The user determines if the e-juice contains nicotine or any other substance.

Before we start

Ensure your vaporizer is fully charged with the charger that followed it.

If you want to preheat or you are in a bit of hurry, put on your vaporizer and set the temperature to low.

Grind your weed using a grinder and ensure it is not too moist

Use a packing tool to pack the herb chamber of your vaporizer. Ensure you strike the right balance. You don’t want too much or too little

Types of Inhales

There are two types of inhales

  • Direct lung

  • Mouth to lung

Direct lung: This type of inhaling is a single step process that involves the vapor being inhaled directly into the lungs. The technique is similar to those utilized for smoking out of hookah or even a water pipe. The Direct lung inhaling method requires a wider airflow and higher wattages settings.

Mouth to lung: Also called the MTL, this type of inhaling shares close similarities with that of a traditional cigarette. Unlike the Direct lung method, it is a two-step process that involves the vapor entering the mouth first, before proceeding to the lungs. The technique requires smaller airflow and lower wattage settings.

To get started, put your device on and choose your temperature. Depending on your choice, you can start low and then build your way up to your desired level.

The guide below is our little way of how you can vape adequately.

  1. Selecting the proper E-Liquid

Having to select between vegetable glycerin (VG) e-liquid and propylene glycol (PG) can be a cumbersome process. Finding the liquid that fits your taste isn’t always easy. VG gives plumes of vapor when exhaled while PG delivers a more intense flavor and a strong hit. Experimenting and testing out different ratios is the best way to select between both sets of e-liquids. Getting this right will enhance your vaping experience.

  1. The primer puff

A primer puff is a catalyst that jump-starts the vaping session. The way the primer puff works are by pressing down the button for a couple of seconds, and then after, take a 2 to 3 seconds slow inhalation to make sure the right start of the evaporation.

  1. Do you inhale vape?

Most people think that e-cigarettes need to be inhaled just like regular cigarettes. But this thinking is wrong and flawed. Just like chewing tobacco, there are soft tissues in the mouth that can help absorb nicotine, and as such, it doesn’t have to be inhaled. There is no written rule that states nicotine must be inhaled, the reason why ex-smokers prefer to inhale is that of the chronic addiction they’ve developed. Vaper this absorb the same volume of nicotine irrespective of whether they inhale or not.

  1. Which are better, Short or Long drags?

Short drags are more suited for regular cigarettes, but a long pull is ideal for e-cigarettes. The reason for this is that unlike normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes require a liquid to evaporate and as such, a short drag will not push enough liquid through the heating element, thereby leaving you with a disappointing experience. Persons who take the slow-longer drags usually report a more enjoyable vaping experience and also the slow-long drag prevents you from accidentally taking in excess e-liquid.

  1. How do I inhale vape properly?

Experienced vapers will always advise novice vapers using an e-cig to take between 3-7 draws from the vaporizer before they proceed to hold the vapor in their mouth for a couple of seconds. After this learning period, they can choose to inhale directly into their lungs or exhale directly. Those aiming for that lung-hit experience should know that unlike a regular cig that delivers the hit in about 8 seconds, the e-cig takes up to about 30 seconds to give that experience. The reason for this is that the vapor molecules generated by the e-cigs are larger than the smoke molecules normal cig-generates and these vapor molecules are not quickly absorbed into the lungs

  1. How long do I have to wait to enjoy another vape session?

To ensure the longevity and durability of your e-cig, it is usually advised that there should be a couple of minutes interval before each new session. This is to allow the cooling of the heating element and also, prevent you from having a sore throat or vaper’s tongue (bud burnout or irritation)

  1. Vaping Correctly- is there a wrong or right way to vape?

Even with the recommended methods above, there is no wrong or right way to vape as long as you avoid any short drags. Finding your preferences is what makes vaping a memorable experience. Different people have their different techniques, some experiment with different wattages, or new liquids, or whether to exhale via their noses or mouths. So, the room to find what works for you is large. Look for what works for you best.


With the information at your disposal, you should know how to properly vape with a dry herb vaporizer or with an e-cig. Even if you don’t get it right at first, don’t let that discourage you. Try, try and Try again until you become a seasoned pro