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How to Vape – A Beginners Guide to Vaping

Do you wonder how to vape, which device to choose, how to change your coils,  which e-liquid is the best for you, etc.? Of course you do! If you are transitioning from cigarettes, vaping comes with a lot of information to consider. Choosing the right vape mod (vape pen, box mod), is one of the most important things to decide on. What are you going to experience when you decide to transition to vaping? What vape juice do you choose? How do you vape at all?! Read on, my friend, and find the answers you seek.


Choosing the Right Device

In order for you to start vaping, you need to choose your first vape device. There are different types of electronic cigarettes to choose from. Knowing the different types, or styles, of vape mods is important. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of what’s out there, along with information you can use to choose which works best for you.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are pre-filled, charged fully, and flavored with classic e-juice! Disposables all have a shorter life-span than box mods, hence disposable.These look and feel like a cigarette. They began as tobacco flavors with hints of fruits or vanilla, and have since evolved to all sorts of flavors! They have a predetermined amount of puffs, or inhales, that the you can take before you dispose of them. These come with flavored nicotine salts, and traditional e-liquid.

  • E1 By VapeWild: Cig-a-like, popular VapeWild Flavors
  • VGOD: Disposable nic-salt pod.

Vape Pen Kits

The next in the e-cig evolution, the vape pen kit is a pen-shaped style of vape that comes with everything that you need to get going. It comes with an internal battery, a tank with a coil, and a replacement coil (in most cases). There are two major types of pen kits that you should know about.

High-Resistance Vape Pen:

These pen kits will have higher ohms (higher resistance) performance. This means that you will get faster heating of your e-juice with a tight inhale (more on this later). These kits provide you with the chance to have higher nicotine (free base, or salt), and will be a similar experience to the disposables. The battery is rechargeable, though you would have to replace the atomizer inside the tank, like the disposable replaceable pods. Also, you can refill the attached tank with your favorite vape juice! You got it, you can choose your flavor!

  • Aspire PockeX: Pen style with replaceable coils.
  • SMOK Novo AIO: Pod style with replaceable pods, great for nic salts and traditional E-juice!

Sub-Ohm Vape Pens:

Similar to the higher resistance vape pen, sub-ohm simply tells you they carry a resistance lower than 1.0 ohm. You should know that sub-ohm vaping is considered an advanced way of vaping, however, the sub-ohm vape pen is just as simple and safe to use! You have an internal battery (some have external batteries), a tank, coil, and most come with a replacement coil. The major difference between the high resistance vape pen and the sub-ohm vape pen is the inhale. It is direct to your lungs, which means that you should use lower nicotine and have a better chance to blow out the huge clouds you see in vape trick videos! You can refill the tank with your favorite flavor with these as well!

  • Vaporesso Tarot Nano: Perfect for your unique style! Internal battery installed, just add e-liquid to the tank!
  • SMOK Stick Prince: The famed vaping pen with an internal battery for sub-ohm vaping.

Full Vape Starter Kit

The full vape kit for beginners is complete with every piece you need to transition to vaping successfully! Device, check. Tank, check! Coils, CHECK! These typically give you more control over your vaping experience.

High Resistance Starter Kit:

High Resistance Starter Kit: High resistance, remember, is a vaping experience that will provide you with faster heat up, great taste, and the chance to vape higher nicotine. Your experience will be mouth-to-lung, with fewer clouds, but an easy way to learn how to vape! You can adjust your wattage levels through the display on the device, you can also change out the tank completely in the event you would like to try a new one, and most are rechargeable with an internal battery!

  • Aspire Zelos 2 Kit: Comes with all you need for higher nicotine vaping. Has an internal Battery.

Sub-Ohm Starter Kit

When you like to vape all day, and have the choice to change your batteries, as well as having more options to customize your vaping experience, you bold human, you, then the sub-ohm starter kit is the way you do that! Typically, you would need to have external batteries ready to go, the lower resistance and higher wattage associated with sub-ohm vaping will drain your battery(ies) quicker. These, too, will produce a direct to lung vaping experience, so, lower your nicotine and expect to vape huge clouds!

  • VooPoo Gold Drag Kit: Look, feel, sub-ohm, external battery, you have it all!

Pod Vapes

Let’s delve deeper into the world of pod devices! Pod devices are higher resistance, typically built for higher nicotine vaping, and are the preferred device for new vapers making their transition from cigarettes. The appeal of higher nicotine content works well for vapers – it might be your choice!

Pod mods, best with nicotine salts, are higher-resistance devices with internal batteries and replaceable, refillable pods. With these, you would be able to recharge the device while also having the added perk of choosing your vape juice!

Despite being manufactured with nic salts in mind, you can use free base nicotine vape juice with them also. While nic salts are the preferred medium in these devices, traditional e-liquid is perfect in certain Vg/Pg levels, which will be

Great Pod Mods:

  • Suorin Air – A stylish and compact pod system in the shape of a rectangle. A device so small, you could fit it in your wallet!
  • Vladin RE – A slim pod device that can easily fit in a pocket. No buttons to mess with, it’s super simple!

Tasty Nic Salts:

  • Lava Flow Salts by NKD 100
  • Illuminati by Propaganda Salts

Choosing Your Vape Juice

Choosing vape juice is just as important to your transition to vaping as choosing your mod. You will be considering the nicotine level, vg/pg, blended e-juice or single flavor vape juice. Tobacco or mint? These are questions that can be subjective, as a result, read the following to help your decision process!

Nicotine Strength

Vape juice (free base nicotine) comes in different levels. All milligram content from 0 up to 24. Each level is for a certain style of vaping, can be dependent on your craving for nicotine, and should be paired with certain mods for the ideal vaping experience.

Choosing Nicotine Strength Info graphic

  • 0-3mg: Also known as 0.0, 0.15, and 0.3% nicotine per milliliter, 0-3mg content is for the new vaper or former smoker that smoked less than one half a pack per day. This level of nicotine content is the preferred level of most vapers and is great for sub-ohm vaping.
  • 6-9mg: Higher nicotine content is for the new vaper that is transitioning from a full pack of cigarettes or slightly less per day and will have a stronger hit when you inhale than the lower nicotine levels. These levels should be reserved for mouth to lung vaping, rather than direct to lung vaping. Read more about the differences in the two in just a bit.
  • 12mg up to Nic Salts: These are the highest nicotine levels found in vape juice and are the best choice for mouth to lung devices as well. Made for higher resistance vaping, the newest vaper transitioning from more than one full pack of cigarettes per day may prefer these higher nicotine contents while they are making the switch to vaping.

Nic Salts

These products are typically found in levels between 20-60mg – it sounds like a lot and it is. Nicotine salts are designed with different manufactured nicotine to provide the vaper a smoother alternative to freebase nicotine. Nic salts, though smoother, should be reserved to Pod Mods or mouth to lung, high resistance vaping. These can be perfect for those just coming off of “analogs” (aka cigarettes) because the chemistry of the salts allow the nicotine to absorb into the bloodstream at a higher rate than standard nicotine used in ejuice to knock down pesky cravings.

VG is Vegetable Glycerine, a vegetable-based organic compound glycerine that has a thick viscosity. This is where your huge clouds come from when you are vaping. PG is Propylene Glycol, another organic compound with thinner viscosity. PG is the flavor carrier in most E-Juice and helps mimic the throat-feel of nicotine in the vaping experience when you inhale. Propylene Glycol can give you a harder (or harsher) throat hit when you inhale, so higher PG content blends should be reserved for vapers looking for a throat hit during their transition to vaping. Flavor chasers are keen to choosing higher PG (50%) vape juice.

  • Max VG: For those who want big vapor production.
  • 65/35: For those who like the best for both worlds.
  • 50/50: For those who like more flavor and more throat hit.

VG vs PG Infographic

Choosing your Flavor

The vaper’s choice is most fun when you are considering the flavor you will vape! Do you go for a blend of different flavors, one single flavor, or, if you are former smoker, do you choose the familiar tobacco? The most popular flavors in the vaping industry are fruit flavors and dessert flavors. While it is subjective to your preference, the possibilities are endless in that you can find flavors like strawberry and cream, vanilla ice cream and tobacco, raspberry and custard. You have the chance to not only transition to vaping with an easy to use device, but your choice for flavor is full of your favorite fruits and combinations!

How to Inhale/Take a Draw

There are different ways to inhale your vape. You might wonder what mouth to lung or direct to lung is, here is where you learn!

Mouth to Lung (MTL)

Vaping with a mouth to lung device (or tank) means that when you puff the vapor, it sits in your mouth until you breathe it into your lungs, much like a cigarette.

Direct Lung (DL)

While vaping, the vapor is directly inhaled to your lungs in larger amounts via Sub-Ohm vaping. The direct to lung vaping experience is where you get the largest clouds in the vape game, so stay calm and vape on!

When you are first learning how to vape, you will experience some trial and error. Choosing your vape device is the most important part of the process. Start by researching the differences in higher ohm and sub-ohm vaping. Then ask experienced vapors the questions you have to help your decision process. Next is the vape juice you choose to enjoy, which can be equally important! If you don’t enjoy the flavor you vape, you might find yourself discouraged. Again, ask your questions because experienced vapers are eager and willing to help! Our customer service experts are always available to answer any questions you might have along the way!

Quick note from the writer: To new vapers making their transition from cigarettes, a starter vape pen, mouth to lung, with 3-9mg of nicotine, blended flavor tobacco vape juice is a great way to learn about vaping!