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How to steep e-juice

One common practice among various vapers is steeping e-juice. They do it to enhance the taste of the liquid and ensure they have the best possible vape.

The steeping e-juice process involves allowing it to age to give it a more enriching flavor. It means letting the e-juice to sit. When it comes to steeping, the most important factor is time. The longer the time, the more the ingredients such as nicotine, PG/VG and flavorings can blend. Also, depending on the flavor utilized, some e-juice contains minute amounts of alcohol, and this evaporates during steeping.

Various methods on how to steep e-juice exists. Some of the methods are fast but not as effective as the slow ones. We will explore the popular ones in this guide.

Why steep vape juice?

Steeping is a unique process that comes in handy when you prepare your vape juice. As observed, freshly made e-juice often has an inferior taste to steeped DIY e-juice. One common trend observed in most recipes is that most flavorings need time to blend in properly. The steeping process enables the vape juice ingredients to solidify, and as a result of the solidity, the juice aroma and flavor are more pronounced and are smoother.

Most vapers would ask “why do they have to do the process themselves, can’t they just buy the already steeped juice?” well, the answer to that is quite simple. Most commercial e-juice are steeped because most of the time, they been on the shelves of stores for quite some time. But on the other hand, the made-to-order juice is not steeped, it is still fresh, and there is a high chance it will become better if it is allowed to steep for some time.

Should I steep my e-liquid?

Steeping is a process that comes in handy whenever you have a flavor that is too sweet or too strong. Steeping will bring down the sweetness level of the juice. Steeping should be used with caution as the steeping of light flavors like strawberry, kiwi or other lighter flavors will result in them losing their flavor completely

How long does steeping e-juice take?

The duration of the steeping process depends on two factors; the juice and taste perception. Light flavors like fruity flavors often take little steeping time of about a day or two. On the other hand, Intense flavors like tobacco, usually need at least two weeks to attain maximum flavor.

The main purpose of steeping is to obtain the optimal flavor of the juice. So, if you acquire a good enough taste, then you can stop. The steeping time varies between vapers. Some folks would only steep for two weeks, while others might go as far as a month. A good indicator to show that your e-liquid is steeping is the color. If the color becomes a little bit darker, then that is a sign that it’s steeping.

For commercial e-juice products, check the bottle or labels for the expiration date or born-on date. Ideally, e-juice has a shelf-life of two years. So, check your product to see the time-frame, this will give you an idea as to whether the juice will require steeping. If the e-juice is relatively old and out of flavor, there is nothing steeping can do to salvage it.

How do I steep e-juice?

The steeping process usually involves subjecting the vape juice to heat, then after shaking it to stimulate mixing and finally exposing the juice to air for oxidation. Several techniques can be used to steep e-juice, but the most effortless technique involves the storing of the juice in a dark, cool place for a couple of weeks. This is accompanied by occasional shaking of the juice and exposure to air for oxidation to take place.

Check out the traditional method below. Mainly, use glass bottle irrespective of the method you choose as plastic bottles are not reliable and they can even ruin your juice for you.

Have a look at the traditional method and see why it is the most frequently utilized method when it comes to steeping.

1) Strip away the wrappers on the bottle

2) Keep the bottle containing the e-liquid in a cool dark place for a duration of 6-14 days. You can keep the bottle in a shoebox if you like.

  • Shake the bottle just once a day

  • Ensure no light touches the bottle as it can spoil the vape juice

  • Occasionally, open the lid of the bottle and expose the bottle to air for oxidation to take place. Do open the bottle for too long so as not to allow all the juice to evaporate.


Steeping is a delightful treat for vapers. Whether you purchase your juice from the store or you like making yours, steeping can be the last touch to take your vaping experience to the next level. Just sit back and let steeping do its magic.

Know that steeping might give a fantastic touch to your juice, but it has no cure for any bad juice. If after steeping for a while, your juice still has a poor taste, chances are it will always have that bad taste. Steeping enhances already good flavors. Giving more time to a lousy flavor won’t change its poor taste