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How To Save Money With Electronic Cigarettes

It is a known fact the electronic cigarette use brings about many benefits to its users. Aside from the many cited health advantages one can derive from switching to electronic cigarette use, there is also the not-so obvious but present money-saving perk that comes along with it. In fact, many tobacco smokers have permanently made the switch to electronic cigarettes mainly due to economic reasons.

Let us take a look at the facts that pertain to consumption and purchase of e cigarettes which makes it a more appealing option among those who enjoy smoking.

Everything you need in a Starter Kit!

  • One-time spending for long-term electronic cigarette use

It is indeed true that most starter kits are priced expensively. A starter kit can range from $40.00 for a basic package to a whopping $150.00 for a premium starter kit. This can be a bit pricey, especially when you are not even sure that you will enjoy using it in the long run. Although there is some truth to this, buying from a well-known and popular brand is already a guarantee that the purchase is worth your hard earned money. To get the most bang for your buck, it is only necessary to look into E Cigarette Reviews online before actually making a purchase. Reading through reviews from both experts and consumers will give you a clear picture of the quality and the overall experience that you can expect from using an electronic cigarette.

A tip which has always helped first time users when buying their first e cigarette product is that it is ideal to invest on a basic starter kit initially. There’s simply no need to buy a premium expansion kit with all the unnecessary add-ons and accessories when you only need the basic kit while assessing if e cigarette smoking is for you or not.

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Everyone Can Saves Money!

  • Heavy smokers save a substantial amount of money by switching to e cigarettes

There are individuals who really smoke a lot of cigarette sticks a day. Their reasons for heavy smoking may be varied, but one thing is for sure. Cigarette smoking offers them the stress relief that they need from living busy and fast paced lives. Some may contribute their heavy smoking as nothing but a habit that they cannot easily quit.

These heavy smokers spend a lot on tobacco consumption per year. A standard pack of cigarettes with 20 sticks costs $6. Heavy smokers are those that can finish a pack per day. That’s $42 a week and $2100 in a year. These values are only for those who can finish 20 sticks of tobacco cigarettes in a day. In the real world, there are individuals who can smoke two packs a day. These smokers spend approximately $4500 just so they can get that nicotine hit that their body needs on a daily basis.

Just imagine how much savings a heavy smoker can get if he decides to switch to electronic cigarette use instead. The most expensive electronic cigarette starter kit on the market today runs at about $200.00. Recurring expenses for cartridges and atomizer replacement will only let you spend an average of $15 per week. That’s $750 worth of liquid smoke refills, atomizers, and cartridges in a year; an amount which is way cheaper than spending $2000 for tobacco cigarettes which are not only expensive but dangerous to health as well.

Save when you Buy in Bulk!

  • Take advantage of substantial discounts and savings if you buy cartridges, atomizers, and liquid smoke refills in bulk

Most e cigarette companies reduce the prices of their products when they are ordered in bulk. This is a marketing tactic which definitely reels in a lot of consumers to trying out different flavors and strengths without having to spend a lot of money on them.

Companies offer discount coupon codes if you decide to buy their products online. Discounts start from 5% price off on starter kit purchase to a discount of as much as 20% if a customer decides to buy a month’s worth of cartridges or liquid smoke supply.

Try E-Liquid to Save Even More!

  • Buying e smoke liquids is more cost efficient than spending money on regular replacement of cartridges

Regular e cigarette smokers have discovered that buying e liquid smoke and refilling cartridges is more cost efficient than replacing the cartridge altogether. Although the process of refilling the cartridge is relatively harder than merely replacing the mouthpiece of your electronic cigarette, substantial savings can be earned if you decide to stick with the refilling your e cig cartridges instead.

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It is clear that switching to electronic cigarette use is a smart and practical move among smokers.  Since most companies offer perks and discounts to both new and regular customers, you are sure to cut down on expenses each and every time you buy refills or cartridges for your e cigarette.  Stay updated on our exclusive e cigarette sale and coupon codes by signing up for our newletter!

To make sure that you are indeed saving money, check the quality of the e cigarette that you intend on buying. You are only saving money if the product is of high quality and can meet and exceed your smoking needs. It is pretty much useless ordering cheap smokeless cigarette products and accessories as these goods will not satisfy your smoking preferences.

To make your purchase worthwhile, it is recommended that you only order from websites and companies that are known to deliver high quality products. Although cheap prices are attractive, especially to budget conscious consumers, the quality of the product should also be taken into consideration when shopping for electronic cigarettes and related products and accessories.

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