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GreenSmoke Review 2018

Green Smoke is undoubtedly one of, if not the biggest name in the electronic cigarette business. They are typically recognized throughout the e-cig community for the superior vapor volume that they release, coupled with a second-to-none taste and outstanding looks to match. It would be naive to include Green Smoke from any top-list of electronic cigarettes as they are always competing for the number one spot. Green Smoke offers an extremely wide variety of cartomizer flavors ranging from a standard tobacco flavor to mountain clove. At this current time a total of three separate kits exist; Express, Pro and Love Birds. This review provides an overview of the Express kit as it appeals to most prospective electronic cigarette buyers due to its low price tag.

✔ Excellent vapor volume
✔ Looks fantastic
✔ The wide array of both flavors and strengths
✔ One year warranty
✔ 30-day money back guarantee
✔ 2 piece unit rather than typical 3
ᚷ No charger case


Although certainly not the cheapest in the market, the discount codes listed above make Green Smoke one of the more reasonably priced brands on the market. This is quite striking because they offer such a high-end product which is consistently rated as one of the best around. Furthermore if you are current spending your money smoking regular cigarettes and have yet to make the swap, you will certainly be set to save an awful lot of money by using Green Smokes.


Green Smoke’s Express Kit comes in a relatively large box which is very aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye. The box is extremely well organised inside and also comes kitted out with various little extras which are always appreciated. These little additions include a USB E-Cigarette, a health card, a tips card and a carry case too. Of course also included is the E-Cigarette, USB E-Cigarette, 5 long-lasting flavoured cartomisers, a home charger kit, ahigh capacity long-life battery and a user guide.

“Another thing that helped to set Green Smoke apart from other brands was the astonishg build quality and attention to detail of these e-cigarettes…”

Overall we were extremely impressed with the appearance of Green Smoke’s electronic cigarettes, they closely resemble most traditional cigarettes and so we have no complaints there at all! The e-cigarette itself is embellished with the Green Smoke branding around the battery towards one end of it. Another thing that helped to set Green Smoke apart from other brands was the astonishg build quality and attention to detail of these e-cigarettes as opposed to many other brands we have used, they looked absolutely fantastic and felt good too. Being a 2 piece kit they are far more handy to use too and only need to be unscrewed in one place, rather than the typical 2 places with other brands. Moreover the USB e-cigarette was also of a top quality build and is obviously very practical too, cannot fault them here!


When you initially purchase your Express Kit you are able to choose what particular strength of nicotine you want and also what flavours too. Currently Green Smoke offer the following nicotine strengths; Strong (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Light (1.2%), Ultra Light (0.6%) and Zero (0%). The 8 seperate sensational flavours on offer are very varied and they include; Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Tobacco Gold, Mocha Mist, Smooth Chocolate, Mountain Clove and Vanilla Dreams. If you simply can’t make your mind up about what flavour to choose they have an Express pack which incorporates 5 different flavours in it so you can make your mind up, perfect.

The full strength Green Smoke e-cigarettes (1.8%) I currently use are excellent, I personally have still not made my mind up about which flavour is my favourite and prefer to have a bit of variety. If I had to choose my favourites though it would have to be either Mocha Mist or Smooth Chocolate, these 2 flavours are particularly tasty! I would say that compared to the other electonic cigarette brands out there, Green Smoke really have hit the nail on the head when it comes to either realistic tobacco flavours or alternative flavours, this is definitely one of their strong points.

Vapour Production

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette that really does produce lots of vapour then Green Smokes are the one for you. The brand is reknowned for the copious amounts of vapour that their e-cigarettes release and upon trying them myself they certainly lived up to their notorious reputation. Green Smoke themselves claim that they are the “Industry leader in large smoke volume production” and this really is how it is! I wouldn’t classify the e-cigarettes as producing too much smoke, but rather the perfect amount for me, another fabulous feature these e-cigarettes offer.

Battery Life

At the current moment Green Smoke offer two battery options, one short life (160 mAh) and one long life (270 mAh) battery. The slightly longer (4.6 inch) long life batteries last in excess of 400 drags per charge, this is approximately 33 cigarettes. The shorter (4 inch) short life batteries last in excess of 300 drags per charge, which is approximately 25 cigarettes. In other reviews I read before my purchase I noticed an ongoing trend of users complimenting Green Smoke for their exceptional battery life. Many stated that one single charge could last significantly longer than a working day, this is always a plus with e-cigarettes.

These e-cigarette batteries are charged via a mains power outlet once screwed into the USB adapter, much alike many of todays smartphones. Although it is frustrating having to charge an e-cigarette it is something you become used to and rarely think about, additionally the USB e-cigarette provided by Green Smoke means you don’t need to worry about charging the primary e-cigarette. One negative about them is that they don’t actually include any manual batteries which I would prefer but this is only a minor issue in the whole scheme of things and more a personal preference.


The “No questions asked” 30-day 100% money back guarantee that Green Smoke offer is outstanding and unparalleled in the e-cigarette community. As a user all you need to do is fill out a small submission form and initiate the refund process, this is simply fantastic and is a massive plus. The 1 year warranty they offer covers all original owners who purchase Green Smoke products from their website although it does not cover tampering or misuse of any form or kind – this will invalidate your warranty!