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Gamucci Review

According to their website, Gamucci is a UK based company and was first founded in 2007 by Taz and Umer Sheik. Initially they began by supplying much of Europe with their electronic cigarettes but now they have expanded globally and are one of the more recognised brands worldwide. As with many of today’s leading e-cigarette companies, Gamucci’s 2 piece e-cigarettes (battery with a cartomiser) are both manufactured in and shipped from China. Currently Gamucci offer two different rechargeable starter kits, with their micro kit priced at £9.99 whilst the deluxe version at a more pricey £39.99. In addition to these they also presently offer a range of long life disposable e-cigarettes and accessories too. This review will provide a general overview and our honest opinions of the micro deluxe starter kit from Gamucci.

✔ Inexpensive entry level starter kit
✔ Wide range of high quality flavours
ᚷ No warranty
ᚷ Low battery life
ᚷ No portable charging case (PCC)

The Review


Gamucci’s micro deluxe starter kit, priced at a respectable £39.99, comes with everything you need to get started with e-cigarettes. This includes 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adapter, 4 original flavour cartomisers and an instruction manual. For the money they are on par with many other brands’ starter kits, however the overall quality was somewhat lacking in this product.


The micro deluxe starter kit arrived in a rather subtle large white cardboard box with the Gamucci logo on the front face of it. It was clear that Gamucci hadn’t expended much time or effort in either the design of the packaging or the e-cigarette itself. Everything about the product was bland, boring and certainly wasn’t going to set the world alight. One positive though was that the product somewhat resembled a traditional cigarette so at least you wouldn’t look like a fool for carrying one around with you, unlike some other brands currently on the market! On the battery of the e-cigarette there is a small Gamucci logo and that is it , other than that it is very plain.


Gamucci’s micro deluxe starter kit comes with no option of additional flavours, rather they provide a set of 4 original tobacco cartomisers with a set strength (16 mg of nicotine). Despite this Gamucci e-cigarettes do actually have quite a few flavours including original tobacco, menthol, cola, coffee, cherry, apple, vanilla and grape! One problem with Gamucci is that with the exception of the original tobacco and menthol flavours, the rest come at one standard strength rating (1.6% nicotine). Conversely the more conventional flavours have 5 different strength settings ranging from between 0% nicotine and 2.2%. The original tobacco flavour that came with the micro deluxe starter kit tasted very sharp and had very little throat hit, I wouldn’t recommend Gamucci if you want a true ‘smoking but smokeless’ experience.

Vapour Production

The pre-charged batteries which Gamucci provided with the kit enabled me to test out the e-cigarette soon after its arrival. After taking a drag on it an orange light appeared at the base of the unit and a reasonable amount of vapour was produced. Gamucci’s e-cigarette is certainly not one of the ‘smoke-machines’ which many other brands produce, however it didn’t disappoint and was more or less sufficient.

Battery Life

The micro deluxe starter kit by Gamucci is conveniently equipped with a mains adapter, USB charger as well as a European plug adapter. One notable thing this starter kit was missing was a portable charging case (PCC) which enables users to charge their e-cigarette on the go without any fixed power supply. The two rechargeable batteries currently supplied by Gamucci are both rated at 240 mAh and last for approximately 375 drags. They last for about an average amount of time, relative to other equally priced e-cigarettes and as such heavy users will definitely require both batteries throughout a working day.


The one major criticism about Gamucci is that they, unlike almost all other e-cigarette brands, offer any form of warranty on their products. This is simply unacceptable in today’s market and although faulty products are indeed covered, this is only for a mere 7 days. Unwanted products may be considered for a refund, they must be completely unopened and even then it is at Gamucci’s discretion.