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E-lites Cigarettes Review 2018

E-Lites were one of the first brands of electronic cigarette manufacturers to release a product, as of 2013 the company now boast over 600,000 UK customers. Since they were founded, E-lites have been one of the most dominant brands around, they are one of the true e-cigarette veterans. Having been around for a significant amount of time they have perfected their original models into the flagship models of today, highly regarded by many in the e-cigarette community. E-lites currently produce 4 different e-cigarette starter kits (2 entry level kits and 2 high-quality kits) as well as electronic cigars and various other accessories. This review, however, will entirely focus on the more expensive (£64.99) E-pro 4 kit as it is their most popular product and generally appeals more to the average user.

✔ Excellent vapor volume
✔ Premium appearance
✔ Fantastic taste & throat hit 
✔ 6 – 12-month warranty (dependent on product)
✔ 7 day “no hassle” money back guarantee
✔ Portable charging case
✔ Long battery life
ᚷ Only original tobacco and menthol flavors
ᚷ No refill capability


E-Lites E-Pro 4 kit really is the premium electronic cigarette kit and it is priced accordingly at £64.99. With that being said the product still provides excellent value for your money, everything about this starter kit is of exquisite quality and consequently, it is very difficult to fault them at this price. This product is the choice of many e-cigarette users because it is a high-end product and it is regularly regarded as being among the best starter kits around.


Where to begin? This product arrived timely to my house in a large matte black box, on the front face of it was a transparent plastic window which revealed their brand new PCC. The well designed, aesthetically appealing box opened up by lifting the top cover off. Inside of it was the PCC, 2 long life batteries, 5 cartomizers, a USB adapter, a USB charging cable and user guide. The set of 5 cartomisers came in a box which closely resembled Marlboro’s traditional cigarette box. Everything within this starter kit looked fantastic, it was clear E-Lites had spent much effort in perfecting both the looks and build quality of this product. Even the USB charger and adapter looked very fancy, this is such a contrast to many other brands which provide bog standard components with their starter kits. The black PCC featured a LED screen on the back which informed you of the battery life, this is a feature which is present on a few of the other higher quality e-cigarette kits. The fully assembled e-cigarette was approximately 100 mm which is slightly longer than other brands but it leads to this e-cigarette having a relatively larger battery life too. The e-cigarette itself looked the part and was clearly of a higher quality than most other e-cigarettes on the market.


One key feature to note about E-Lites electronic cigarettes is that they do not offer the more novel cartomiser flavours such as vanilla or cola. There are instead a total of 2 flavours (Original tobacco and menthol) and various different strengths of them (Free, Light, Regular, Strong). With the E-Lites E-Pro 4 kit the flavour and strength preference of the user is neglected and customers are forced to use the regular strength original tobacco flavour. As an optional addition, I purchased a set of 5 menthol cartomizers with this e-cigarette kit to try out and found that both flavours were outstanding. It is rare to come across an e-cigarette which provides such an authentic tobacco taste and throat hit, the vapor tastes and ‘feels’ exceptionally similar to that of a typical cigarette.

Vapour Production

After trying out this electronic cigarette I found that I had to constantly remind myself that I was using an e-cigarette and inhaling water vapour rather than smoke. The e-cigarette produces warm vapour in the right quantities and with a throat hit that closely resembles that of a standard cigarette. Perfect!

Battery Life

The batteries provided with this starter kit are the E-Lites G9 batteries, these are rated at 24 0mAh and look of very high quality. Once placed into the PCC the LED’s on the battery tips flash, this indicates that they are charging correctly. Each battery took approximately 100 minutes to charge and the PCC itself can charge 4 of these at the same time. Inside the PCC, there is a total of 4 slots which can hold 2 batteries and 2 cartomisers. The PCC connects to the USB charger which is then either plugged into a USB port or into a mains adapter. The case took around about 3 hours to charge using the mains adapter and once completed I found that the battery life was excellent, each battery lasted for around 450 drags which is far above the average.


Currently E-Lites have a 6-month warranty for their G9 model batteries and 12 months for their chargers and PCC’s. Items which are not faulty and simply unwanted may be returned within 7 days however they must remain in their original condition.