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Intellicig Review


Intellicig Review 2013

Intellicig is a UK based electronic cigarette manufacturer, the company was established in 2008 and has since developed into a truly global brand which has a presence in over 30 countries. In late 2012 the tobacco giant British American Tobacco (BAT) aquired Intellicig’s parent company and is focused on developing the brand into one of the world leading electronic cigarette manufacturers. As of 2013 Intellicig offer 4 different starter kits consisting of both 2 and 3 piece e-cigarettes, this sets Intellicig apart from most other brands who typically opt for solely 2 piece kits. This review will take a look at Intellicigs’ starter kit which is aimed at those who are new to electronic cigarettes. Currently this kit has a list price of £29.95, now if that hasn’t caught your eye then it’s unlikely that anything ever will!

✔ Inexpensive
✔ Stylish design
✔ Refillable cartomisers
✔ Range of flavours provided with kit
ᚷ No personal charging case
ᚷ 3 piece kit
ᚷ Comparatively long charge time
ᚷ Short 30-day warranty

The Review


It is extremely hard to pick any holes in Intellicigs’ very competative £29.95 entry level starter kit, it really does provide excellent value for the money. In addition to this you would expect to pay premium prices for a top brand such as Intellicig and so it is surprising they’re asking so little for this exceptional product!


Intellicigs’ starter kit is packaged in a white box which contains 2 smaller compartments inside of it. Within the trifold package there was an empty vaping device, battery, charger and also a small amount of information on the kit itself. Both the vaping system and all of the kits supplementary components looked of the highest quality – this is something you come to expect from Intellicigs products. The battery provided with the kit measured approximately 61 mm and the vaping device another 35mm. The entire assembled e-cigarette therefore measured around 95mm in length, this is equivalent to any medium to large traditional cigarette. Intellicig currently offer 3 different battery colours, which include: black, white or silver. Overall I thought that the product had a very appealing look and although it is a mere sampler kit for their other products, it is still a truly top quality kit. The few downfalls with this kit is that currently there is no portable charging case provided and also no mains adapter.


People who purchase Intellicigs’ starter kit are offered a choice between 3 flavours and 4 different nicotine strengths. The 4 different flavours of Intellicigs’ ECOpure E-Liquids are Regular, Rich and Menthol. The nicotine strengths range from 0 mg of nicotine and increase in increments of 5 mg up to 15 mg. The kit I purchased came with the 15 mg regular flavour and it tasted very similar to a cigarette, I was pleasantly surprised by this to say the least. In no way was the flavour a disappointment, they were far better than many of the higher priced kits on the market today. Typically you will find that these lower priced entry level kits taste foul and although they are cheap they are generally not worth buying – this was simply not the case with Intellicigs’ starter kit!

Vapour Production

When taking a drag from this e-cigarette an orange LED at the tip is illuminated and a relatively large amount of vapour is produced. This was the case even when gently drawing on the e-cigarette, it was very effortless and pleasant to say the least.

Battery Life

After my starter kit from Intellicig arrived I immediately plugged the battery in and it took about 3 hours to charge completely, this is a fairly substantial amount of time in relative terms. The battery itself wasn’t anything special and it only lasted for around half a day, consequently I would recommend anybody who wants to buy this kit to think about getting a second battery. I would consider myself a fairly heavy smoker and a normal smoker might be able to survive the working day on 1 battery but to be completely safe it would be best to buy 2. One excellent feature that this kit boasted is the 10 second cut off, after 10 seconds the battery is turned off to prevent the battery from overheating.


As of 2013 Intellicig offer a no hassle 30-day money back guarantee on any products purchased through its website. This guarantee covers not only products handled under normal use, but also it surprisingly includes the vapour device itself. With that being said, the 30 day on offer simply isn’t up to par with today’s high standards so they fall behind in this department.