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E-Cig Comparison

At E-CigaretteReview.org, we are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information on all different types of electronic cigarettes available today. As part of this effort, we have recently reviewed six different e cigarettes, and would like to share our top pick from this comparison. Out of the six different brands reviewed, the #1 pick was ZeroCig, and here’s why:

• Size – Closest to a traditional cigarette
• Quality – Overall quality product, comparable to $100+ brands
• Vapor Production – Dense vapor production
• Flavor – Good and distinguishable
• Price – One of the lowest prices for starter kit

Between those reviewed, ZeroCig clearly stands out as the best value on all of these factors. The only electronic cigarette from this review that came close to ZeroCig, was Green Smoke. However, with the ZeroCig starter kit going for $29.99, and Green Smoke at $129.99, ZeroCig takes first place. For more detailed information, the complete review is below.


With all of the different brands, flavors, and prices of electronic cigarettes available today, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one is right for you. Trial and error is certainly one approach to figuring out which is the best, but this can be expensive and not necessarily ideal. So we decided to save you the time and money by sharing our opinion on a few of the major brands on the market today. Of course, we are all different and have different tastes, but at least we can give you some insight on the different options available to help you narrow your search.

The brands we will discuss in this review are SmokeTip, Safe Cig, BluCigs, Green Smoke, ZeroCig, and V2 Cigs. It should be noted that these were all purchased independently, and not samples provided by the respective electronic cigarette companies. Each e cigarette was reviewed using a full sized battery and medium tobacco cartridge.

SmokeTip – The starter kit for SmokeTip starts at $59.95 and comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 refill cartridges, a wall charger, and a USB charger. The first thing that is noticed with this e cigarette would be its size. A good comparison would be a marker or large pen. If imitating a traditional cigarette is important to you, then the size of this e cigarette will definitely stand out. It takes a few puffs to get this e cigarette warmed up and reach full vapor production. Even after doing so, the vapor is not too thick, and does not provide the full drag sensation most smokers enjoy. The flavor is light with very little similarity to an analog cigarette, and tastes typical of a standard imported electronic cigarette.

If simulating a traditional cigarette is important in your e cigarette choice, this one may not be the ideal choice. However, the startup kit does provide more than enough cartridges to help you decide if it is the right option.

SafeCig – The SafeCig starter kit being reviewed was $69.95 and comes with 1 battery, a USB charger, wall charger, and 5 refill cartridges. Our experience with the SafeCig electronic cigarette was quite similar to SmokeTip. The size is larger than a traditional cigarette, similar to a marker. The taste and vapor production is also very similar to a standard imported e cigarette.

Overall, SafeCig is quite comparable to any standard, off-the-shelf electronic cigarette. Depending on the person, this can be good or bad. However, there may be some other alternatives worth trying when considering the price.

Blu Cig – The BluCig starter kit starts at $79.95 and comes with 2 batteries, a wall charger, USB charger, and 5 refill cartridges. The BluCig is smaller than the SafeCig and SmokeTip e cigarettes. It is also lighter, and closer in size to a traditional cigarette. The blue light at the end is a novelty, and the importance of that is up to you. The amount of vapor production is decent, but still does not give the full sensation of an analog cigarette. In regards to taste, the BluCig is somewhat bland. The amount of vapor is better, but overall flavor is lacking.

The BluCig is a step up from the previous two e cigarettes reviewed, but also more expensive. The cool blue light on the end is attractive, but typically not the most important feature a smoker is after. In our opinion, the BluCig is a decent electronic cigarette, but proves to be a bit pricey for the quality.

Green Smoke – The Green Smoke starter kit starts at $129.95 and comes with 2 batteries, 2 cartomizers, a USB cigarette, USB charger, wall charger, and car charger. In regards to the size of this e cigarette, it is quite similar to a traditional cigarette. It is light and fits naturally in the hand. A couple of puffs quickly produce a dense, noticeable amount of vapor. The Green Smoke does a good job of simulating the smoke from a traditional cigarette, which seems to be an important factor to those switching to electronic cigarettes. The flavor is also an improvement compared to the previous three e cigarettes in this review.

Overall, the Green Smoke does a good job of simulating an analog cigarette. The flavor and vapor production distinguishes this electronic cigarette from the rest. However, with a starting price of $129.95, the Green Smoke as a cheaper alternative to traditional cigarette becomes questionable.

ZeroCig – The ZeroCig starter kit starts at $29.99 and comes with 1 battery, a USB charger, and 4 refill cartridges. The ZeroCig is light and realistic in size. The red tip is also a nice touch to help give it the look of a traditional cigarette. Upon taking a couple of puffs, the amount of vapor is immediately noticeable. The ZeroCig produces a nice throat hit of dense vapor with a sensation similar to an analog cigarette. The flavor is also full with no trace of the heating element that is sometimes noticeable with some of the cheaper electronic cigarettes.

The ZeroCig electronic cigarette definitely stands out from the rest, especially when taking price into consideration. The vapor production and flavor are comparable to the more expensive electronic cigarettes, such as the Green Smoke. With the starting price of $29.99, it’s one of the cheapest and highest in quality.

V2 Cig – The V2 Cig starter kit starts at $59.95 and comes with 1 battery, 10 refill cartridges, a USB charger, and wall charger. The size of the V2 Cig is similar to that of the SafeCig and SmokeTip. It is a bit larger than a traditional cigarette and feels like a large pen or marker. After taking a few puffs, the vapor volume is better than the first three in this review, but less than ZeroCig and Green Smoke. The flavor is not too bad, but faint. Usually, a smoker wants a nice flavor to their cigarette. Unfortunately, this was one of the weaker points for this e cigarette.

The V2 Cig is a middle-of-the-road electronic cigarette. The vapor production was good but not the best. The flavor was also lacking, but not the worst. However, for the price, there might be other options that are worth trying first.

Between these six different electronic cigarettes, our top three would be ZeroCig, Green Smoke, and V2 Cig. ZeroCig and Green Smoke hold a strong first and second position, with ZeroCig in first due to the combination of quality and price. Green Smoke is also a good option, but the price is significantly higher than the rest.

Again, we all have different tastes and reasons for the brands we choose. We hope that this review helps you at least narrow your search for the ideal electronic cigarette and saves you time and money trying them all out. If you have any questions or would like to see a review of other electronic cigarettes, please feel free to email us or post your comments below.