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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

There are many reasons why switching to an electronic cigarette makes sense. Here’s a discussion of the important benefits you stand to gain when you choose to vape.

Say goodbye to toxins

Possibly the biggest benefit of switching from tobacco cigarettes to electric cigarettes is not having to contend with the debilitating conditions associated with the former, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. The carbon monoxide, tar and a slew of cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke are not present in electronic cigarettes. There is no question of tobacco smoke, all that’s released is harmless vapor. You are also doing the environment a favor by vaping.

Maintain your nicotine dose without the ill-effects

As the liquid nicotine is available in different concentrations, you can get your daily fix without the harmful side-effects associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electric cigarettes also give you the flexibility to try out different doses, depending on your unique needs.

Importantly, you can derive the same satisfaction of using a traditional cigarette. The ‘throat hit’ from the vapor is just as enjoyable; only in this case, there is no nasty smell in the picture. There is also the option to try something new, in the form of apple, mint and a plethora of different flavors.

No second hand smoke

While there is a social stigma associated with tobacco smoking, a real concern is the passive smoking that poses health risks to people in the vicinity of smokers. Electronic cigarettes satisfy your nicotine cravings minus the guilt of exposing others around to your second-hand smoke. You can vape in the presence of friends and family without any worry, hesitation or embarrassment.

Better self-esteem

No yellow teeth, fingers and stinky clothes – e-cigarettes improve your lifestyle. You don’t have to deal with complaints about odor from non-smokers, and appear better groomed as well. An e-cig is a healthier and a cleaner choice!

No burns and ashes

Being completely non-flammable, there is no need to carry a lighter or a matchbox around. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes come with the guarantee that there will be no burn holes in your furniture, clothes, car interior or carpet. It is easy and convenient to carry your e-cig around, too. Vapers also don’t have to worry about keeping their homes free of that annoying smoke smell, and the effort involved with performing this task! Altogether, using an e-cigarette is a clean process, with cigarette butts and ashes out of the way.

Save money

When you crunch the numbers, you will see that electronic cigarettes save you money. Say, you smoke a pack of cigarettes (costing $6) a day. This translates to $2000+ a year. Consider the smokeless e-cig – you can refill it instead of disposing with it, and use it multiple times by just adding more e-liquid. A 10ml e-juice bottle costs about $10, and 2ml of this roughly translates to one pack of tobacco cigarettes. This brings your cost-per-pack down to only $2; in other words, you will be saving $4 per pack and upwards of $1000 dollars a year!