Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

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Dry and burnt hits from your vape can happen due to a variety of reasons – and we’re here to prevent and tackle those!


You’re enjoying your vape, puffing clouds and savoring your favorite e-juice…only to suddenly experience bitter, burning taste on your next trip! Sounds familiar? Well, looks like you might have a problem.

Although vaping absolutely doesn’t have to be this way, burnt hits happen to the best of us. From ruining a perfect moment to turning people off vaping completely, they have different repercussions – however, the good news is there are many ways to prevent and tackle the issue.

Today, we are going to talk through the most common causes of burnt hits – and the ways to fix them!

Tanks and AIOs

  • Vaping speed. Sometimes, it’s as simple as slowing down – some atomizers wick much faster than others, so in some instances, more time is required to give your coils a chance to catch up. Chain vaping isn’t always a problem, but you may need to get an atomizer with better temp control or boosted wicking abilities.
  • Burnt coils. That’s perhaps the lead issue of a burnt vape when using a tank – your coil head could simply be too old or burnt. If you suspect that could be the case, simply replace your coil – and the bitter taste will disappear instantly.
  • Lack of control. Mods with temperature control are a great aid when it comes to preventing burnt hits. They can be made of nickel, stainless steel or titanium – each metal can help limit the vaping temperature, keeping you in a safe range.
  • Priming issues. It’s important to prime the coil heads correctly to prevent burnt spells. Firstly, you need to install the coil and put several drops of e-liquid right on the wick holes. Upon filling your tank, you need to let it sit for about 30 minutes – it’s well worth the wait and helps improve performance. Following that, start at the lowest setting and slowly increase by a few watts until you reach the desired point.
  • Don’t exceed the maximum range of the coil head though – if unsure, read the manual or have a peek at the coil head, the number will be there. Excess wattage is a common reason of burnt taste. In general, the higher the resistance, the lower the watts should be – and vice versa. Exceeding the wattage is a sure way to burn the coil, resulting in replacement. If the taste is good though, you’re likely on a correct setting.
  • Check the juice, especially if you’ve checked the steps above but the vape still tastes terrible. For instance, if you’re using high-VG juices, those may simply be too thick for your atomizer. It’s all down to trial and error – experiment with various liquids until you hit the sweet spot for your device. Look at the ingredients as well – sweeteners such as sucralose can wreck the wicks and provoke dry, yucky hits. Such liquids are easy to identify though, as they are generally dark and almost opaque.

Rebuildable atomizers

Rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) or tanks can sometimes be prone to bitter taste as well – and there could be a few issues resulting in this. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • Hitting a hot spot. A very common cause of burnt taste is when your coil forms a hot spot, which may cause it to glow red. This can cause an extremely unpleasant taste which is distinctly metallic, even if the wicks are completely saturated. The burnt spot on the fully saturated wicks isn’t always visible, unfortunately – so if you suspect a hot spot is the case, take the wicks out and toss them. Then, get the coils to pulse by pinching them with tweezers or using a compact screwdriver. Another thing to look out for is whether the coils are in contact with any inside parts of the atomizer.
  • Wicking issues. Many RTAs, and even other rebuildable atomizers can be difficult to the wick. A common issue is leakages caused by not using enough wicking material. On the opposite end, stuffing too much wickage can lead to – you guessed it – burnt taste. Do your research and find out the best method for your atomizer to avoid both issues and find the perfect middle ground – or simply experiment until you discover your perfect setup!
  • Insufficient coils maintenance. If you’re neglecting your coils and don’t change your wicks at least weekly, burnt hits shouldn’t be such a surprise. To clean the coils, take your atomizer apart and wash the coils with warm water, or get fancy and use an ultrasonic cleaner – and the gunk will be gone in no time. Sometimes, if the coils are too dark and burnt, they’re beyond the point of routine maintenance and need to be replaced – such is life.
  • Weather matters. As bizarre as it sounds, the weather can sometimes affect your vaping experience. Cold temperatures can cause the juice to thicken, leading to different burning properties and burnt taste. Bottom line? Avoid extreme weather conditions, and you’ll be sweet.


The burnt taste is often a combination of the factors above, and therefore can be quite a riddle to solve. Follow the steps above and don’t give up – and burnt hits will leave you for good.

Vaping has been invented to be pleasant and delicious, and bad taste is a definite indicator of some problems. We highly encourage you to work through the issues instead of switching to more dangerous activities such as smoking.

Once you resolve the issues and get a good hang of vaping, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities and amazing flavors. Keep discovering – and don’t ditch the vape!



A better alternative? Pros and cons of vaping, explained.

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Is vaping dry herb and e-liquid any better compared to tobacco smoking? Keep reading to find out.

Regardless of where you’re getting your nicotine from – being that out of a vaporizer, savoring your THC, or enjoying some e-juice – there are clear pros and cons to both. Spoiler alert before we even get started: at the end of the day, it’s your life, and only you can determine what’s right for you. Of course, we are fond of the vape life, but if you think otherwise – the power to you! In turn, we’ll be as objective as possible in today’s material.

Pros of vaping e-cigarettes

There are several bonuses e-cig fans enjoy, including but not limited to:

  • Feeling good. Those who made a switch to vaping often get shocked by how good it feels to cough less, breathe better, have glowing skin, and regain elevated energy levels. In addition, some vapers report less gastrointestinal discomfort, better blood flow to the extremities and improved sense of taste and smell upon ditching the cigarettes.
  • More money in your pocket. If you have a spare $30, you can purchase a decent starter kit and start enjoying the benefits of vaping ASAP. Over time, upon purchasing a quality vape mod and tank, you’ll limit the expenses to a new coil head every week, and your favourite juice every now and then.
  • Options everywhere. Unlike cigarettes, vapes come in so many flavors and styles – and mixing possibilities are also endless! In addition, there is a wide variety of vaping devices, each one having its own personality. Win!
  • Avoiding the horrible smell. No more stinkies! Even though cigarette smoking and vaping may look very similar, they are distinctively different in nature. Unlike cigarettes, vaping supplies tend to smell like sugar, and spice, and everything nice – think cotton candy, lollies and cinnamon donuts. No one is going to hate on that, guaranteed!
  • Reclaiming your health. According to research, many smokers believe that the habit is so unhealthy that making any positive lifestyle adjustments such as exercising is a complete waste of time. In turn, self-neglect often leads to low mood and even depression, weight gain…and more smoking. Vapers, on the other side, tend to enjoy their exercise much more and lead healthier lifestyles.

Now that we’ve covered some of our favorite pros, it’s time for the…

Cons of vaping e-cigarettes

  • Provoked allergies. The insane variety of available e-liquid flavors comes at a cost – there are endless additives that these products can contain, some of which may facilitate allergic responses in certain people. Additionally, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine can be allergens for some individuals, and these ingredients can be found in most juices. Sometimes, purchasing a juice that only has one of those ingredients helps prevent the symptoms.
  • Judgment. Despite the dramatic rise in overall popularity, many people have no idea what vaping is, or that it’s very different from cigarette smoking. As a result, you may be harshly judged in public – however, those conversations, if you have enough time and patience, can be great opportunities to educate the public on vaping.
  • Battery misuse. Let us get is straight – there are no batteries specifically created for vaping. Most are safe; however, there has been an increased number of incidents involving misuse of rechargeable batteries. On the positive side, those are entirely preventable – just do your research and use every opportunity to educate others.
  • Desert in your mouth. There is no way around it – dry mouth is a common side effect of vaping. A helpful tip is to simply increase your water intake, as not meeting your fluid requirements in conjunction with vaping is a definite way to start suffering from a dry mouth, pronto.
  • Feeling dizzy. This side effect is not exclusive to vaping and depends solely on the nicotine content of the product. Whilst there are some benefits to nicotine use, excessive consumption can be dangerous. One of the more serious side effects is feeling dizzy or flush – if that happens to you, put the vape down immediately and go get some fresh air, otherwise, you will likely need medical attention.
  • E-juice quality. Finding “the right” e-juice can be an ordeal, as the industry remains poorly regulated, with many mediocre products released every day. In addition, even quality juices vary in flavor, and something that your friend enjoys may seem disgusting to you. There is a lot of information online on picking good e-juices – so again, this point comes down to a combination of research and personal preference.

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of e-cigs, let’s discuss dry herb!

Pros of vaping dry herb

  • Lack of combustion. Dry herb and cannabis won’t be burned in the process, therefore eliminating exposure with toxins commonly associated with smoking, such as carbon monoxide and tar.
  • Less stinkies. In vaporizers, herbs are roasted at relatively low temperatures, which means much less odor compared to traditional smoking. It’s worth noting though that there will still be some unpleasant odor – but nearly not as much!
  • Health benefits of medical cannabis. Medicinal cannabis patients are early adopters of vaporizers – following the recommendations of their treating doctors.
  • Less harsh than smoking. Many vaporizers allow for temperature tweaks, meaning you can make the experience much less harsh than smoking if you want to.
  • Yummy flavor. Dry herb vaporizers feature an entirely different tasting experience compared to simply smoking herb. No burnt resin or lighter fluid – just clean herbal notes. Vaporizing often helps distinguish between individual taste profiles and terpenes, which makes for a much more pleasant experience.
  • Mellowness. As mentioned above, vaporizing is typically not as intense as smoking. Playing with different cannabis strains and temperatures, you’ll soon be able to calibrate the mellowness to your liking.
  • Break the session when you want, as vaporizers are usually equipped with on-demand heating. Never miss that bus again because you’re still smoking!
  • Numerous health benefits that are recognized by health professionals and researchers alike.

Those are just some of the benefits, but of course, vaping dry herbs is not all fun and games. Here are the…

Cons of vaping dry herb

  • The price bites. Unfortunately, marijuana vaporizers aren’t cheap – especially the good ones. Of course, they are more efficient compared to traditional methods of smoking, which helps save tons of money in the long run. However, the initial costs are high, and there is no way around that.
  • Plugging in and charging the device can be a hassle – and without a power outlet in sight, you may not be able to use your precious vaporizer when you need it most.
  • There is cleaning and maintenance involved, and these steps are crucial for performance. Those who regularly maintain their vaporizers keep stressing the importance of this ritual if you want to get the best vaping experience.
  • You need to spend some time getting to know the process – it’s not exactly rinsed and repeat, at least initially. Inexperienced users often make mistakes leading to material wastage or yucky taste. However, once you’ve mastered the art, you’re unstoppable!


Hope you enjoyed this material and have a better idea of what’s best for you now. Enjoy whatever you like the most – and happy vaping!


How long does it take to eliminate nicotine from your body?

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It’s not necessarily all about nicotine traces in blood and urine.

Whether you’re about to face nicotine testing at the point of employment or require it to determine the cost of health insurance, you may be wondering just how long nicotine remains traceable in the body. Moreover, as you probably know, these tests generally do not distinguish between hardcore cigarette smokers and those using lighter, safer forms of nicotine, such as no-smoke tobacco or vaping. If that’s not ridiculous enough, even the FDA-approved for long use nicotine gum can raise eyebrows and affect your employability.

For insurance companies, the presence of nicotine is treated as a reliable sign of tobacco use and/or ongoing nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The latter usually means someone is an ex-smoker, and the statistics also reveal that more than 90% NRT users are very likely to return to smoking at some point.

However, it’s not just about nicotine concentration in your blood and urine. Most tests aren’t even aimed at these indicators – at all.


How long does it take to eliminate nicotine?

As such, it is a well-known fact that nicotine is difficult to detect in the urine after four days, and in the blood – after only a couple of days post exposure. Therefore, most employers and insurance companies aren’t even trying to employ this kind of testing anymore, as it’s so easy to bypass.

The alternative is to use cotinine, a nicotine metabolite produced when nicotine is metabolized in the liver. Unlike the short-lived nicotine, cotinine remains detectable for up to three weeks, and up to one week is considered a highly reliable testing window. The exact length of time is determined by many factors, including but not limited to ethnicity, medications, supplements taken, nutrition habits – and even gender, with men usually clinging to cotinine longer than women. The testing science is constantly advancing, resulting in rapidly changing recommended cut-off points above which the person is considered an active nicotine user.


What types of tests are there?


Blood tests

There is a variety of blood tests accurately measuring cotinine levels – in addition, if the detection window is right, these sensitive tests will pick up both nicotine and cotinine. Blood testing is also invasive and relatively expensive, so it’s not typically utilised as often as other methods.

In addition, a well-equipped lab and an experienced qualified technician are required to perform the procedure. This can result in additional costs for all parties involved.

In terms of the actual test options, one of them involves a simple yes-or-no measure that does not provide the exact concentrations of substances. The other test returns the exact level of cotinine in the blood serum.

Urine tests

Urine tests are preferred by many testing bodies since urine contains approximately 6 times more cotinine compared to both blood and saliva – hence, relatively low concentrations of the substance can be detected. This test is typically performed with special strips that are soaked in the urine sample for several minutes, coming back with either a negative or a positive result.

Hair tests

This curious method is very expensive and slow, and therefore isn’t used in most cases – but hair testing also happens to be the most reliable. Oftentimes, hair testing will be ordered if the results from other methods are ambiguous. Otherwise, the primary use of this method is in science, as samples tend to retain cotinine well for the whole three months.

Saliva tests

This test sports awesome balance between effectiveness and costs, which is why it’s favored by many insurance companies and labs alike. Quite high levels of cotinine and nicotine are required for successful detection – about 1/3 as high as those in blood serum, and about 1/15th those in urine. However, saliva testing beats the disadvantages by being very simple and affordable.

Third-party kits make it easy to perform saliva nicotine testing anytime, anywhere. Typically, those involve a mouth swab, which is then places into a self-sealing container and shipped to the respective lab. The results can then be collected by mail or phone, so there is no need to visit the lab – ultimate convenience.


Is nicotine testing a staple for all insurance companies?

These days, you can expect pretty much every insurance company to perform nicotine testing for health insurance calculations, and sometimes – for life insurance, too (which kind of makes sense). It’s not all bad news, however, as some companies are changing their rules to “allow” vaping and using smokeless tobacco whilst remaining eligible for non-smoker rates. In rare cases, cigar smoking is given a green light, too.

When it comes to life insurance, policies vary considerably between different companies, so you’ll just have to shop around and see what their stance is. There are even policies created specifically for vapers, so don’t commit to something you’re unhappy with as there are options.

Is it possible to avoid testing positive?

You may have seen products for sale that claim to “purify” the body from nicotine in a matter of days – however, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many people (unless they’re heavy smokers) will test negative after about a week of going cold turkey anyway, which these products capitalize on. Instead of wasting your money on questionable supplements, switch to e-liquids with zero nicotine content and stay well-hydrated. Voila.

Many people are hoping that future regulations will have clear distinctions between smoking and use of safer forms of nicotine, resulting in adjusted insurance rates and more forgiving employment policies where possible. In the meantime, your best bet is to abstain for a week or two. And if it’s employment that’s on the table, consider taking a proactive position and talking to your employer about the benefits of low-risk nicotine products like vaping instead of banning nicotine completely, as the latter is often detached from reality.

ZampleBox Review

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Part of what makes your vaping experience more enjoyable is the e-juice you utilize. Use an inferior product, and you have an unfortunate experience, but use a high-quality product, and your experience will be filled with satisfaction. On that note, we decided to put ZampleBox E-Liquids to see if they are up to standard as they claim.

It is without a doubt that ZampleBox gives the best options when it comes to e-liquids. Vapers all around the world can attest to the high-quality juices they provide. If you are still using inferior products that leave a bad taste, it is high time you give ZampleBox a shot. Do not worry; you will not be short of options as you have as much as 2000 tasty flavors to choose from.

How does ZampleBox Work?

ZampleBox operates as an e-juice subscription service and as such, they send you a variety of premium quality e-liquids based on your preferences and input. This unique feature is highly encouraging for new vapers who are just picking their first e-juice and don’t know how to go about it. Also, you are saved the time and stress from scouting different companies just to get your e-liquids.

Also, the choices that ZampleBox gives you means you can get a plethora of e-liquids at a discount as compared to when you have to buy each product from the different companies that make them. Guess what? You also save yourself from multiple shipping costs. The demerit of using sample box is that you might end up with some flavors that are not appealing to you and you may end up not using them.

As it stands, ZampleBox provides the following e-liquid brands;

  • Taffy Man

  • Cyber Liquids

  • Mad Hatter Juice

  • Space Jam Juice

  • Cosmic Fog

  • Emoji Juice

  • Z by ZampleBox

  • Oneup Vapor

What does ZampleBox offer?

Each month, ZampleBox sends boxes of e-liquids to its subscribed customers. The boxes come in three options; three, six, and eleven. You will be sent a question where you will choose your flavor preferences and your experience as a vaper. For our analysis, we ordered the gold ZampleBox. It comes in six different flavors of juice.

The popularity of ZampleBox is spreading not just across the United States, but also internationally. They don’t just deal on e-liquids alone; they also have other variety of vape apparels that they deal on.

The subscription involves you selecting on a questionnaire, a couple of flavors that you want and those you don’t want. The questionnaire can be lengthy to complete but, in the end, your time and effort are worth it. If you don’t know what flavor to pick, ZampleBox can select on your behalf. For our research and analysis, we chose candy, cereal, strawberry, and cream flavors.

There are three box sizes to choose from; silver which contains three flavors, gold with six flavors and platinum with eleven flavors. You have to choose your vaping level between beginners, intermediate and advanced. Your level helps the ZampleBox team to access your expectations, vaping habits and the device you might be using.

Pricing and shipping

ZampleBox ship their boxes according to two options; Monthly or Bi-monthly. This option allows you to skip a month if you are still on the previous box.

The monthly prices for each of the boxes are

  • Silver box 30-50ml for $19.99

  • Gold box 80-100ml for $24.99

  • Platinum box 150-180ml $44.99

As mentioned earlier, the ordering process can be a little bit longer, but it is easy and straightforward. All that is required of you is to simply, select your experience level, choose the flavors you want, the flavors you don’t want, and your nicotine strength. After that, you will select your choice from the three boxes.

ZampleBox shipping prices can be on the high side even for persons staying within the United States.

Monthly subscription billing

The billing process of ZampleBox is relatively simple. The current prices for that month calculate the price of each month.

Discounts and offers

Occasionally, ZampleBox gives out discount prices and promotional offers. So, now and then, the rates we’ve displayed may be different from what they have. They also have another exciting offer for folks who vape in groups. If you order two boxes at regular price, you get a complimentary box for free.

Customer service

We contacted the customer service, and under 24 hours we got a response. The swift response is a welcomed development.

Refund policy

ZampleBox doesn’t state in writing if you get a refund for flavors you don’t like. All they say is “will work with you to correct the situation. Depending on the situation, this may or may not result in a full refund.”

Final thoughts

For what it’s worth, the packages from ZampleBox are worth every fee. It is a vapers dream to have an array of flavor options to choose from.

Although the questionnaire for the signup process is lengthy, the entire signup process is easy and straightforward. Their customer service was swift with their response, and the boxes arrived as expected.

The quality of the e-liquids was terrific, and each flavor was delicious. Given all the positive attributes tied to ZampleBox, you should give it a try and see for yourself.

How to steep e-juice

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One common practice among various vapers is steeping e-juice. They do it to enhance the taste of the liquid and ensure they have the best possible vape.

The steeping e-juice process involves allowing it to age to give it a more enriching flavor. It means letting the e-juice to sit. When it comes to steeping, the most important factor is time. The longer the time, the more the ingredients such as nicotine, PG/VG and flavorings can blend. Also, depending on the flavor utilized, some e-juice contains minute amounts of alcohol, and this evaporates during steeping.

Various methods on how to steep e-juice exists. Some of the methods are fast but not as effective as the slow ones. We will explore the popular ones in this guide.

Why steep vape juice?

Steeping is a unique process that comes in handy when you prepare your vape juice. As observed, freshly made e-juice often has an inferior taste to steeped DIY e-juice. One common trend observed in most recipes is that most flavorings need time to blend in properly. The steeping process enables the vape juice ingredients to solidify, and as a result of the solidity, the juice aroma and flavor are more pronounced and are smoother.

Most vapers would ask “why do they have to do the process themselves, can’t they just buy the already steeped juice?” well, the answer to that is quite simple. Most commercial e-juice are steeped because most of the time, they been on the shelves of stores for quite some time. But on the other hand, the made-to-order juice is not steeped, it is still fresh, and there is a high chance it will become better if it is allowed to steep for some time.

Should I steep my e-liquid?

Steeping is a process that comes in handy whenever you have a flavor that is too sweet or too strong. Steeping will bring down the sweetness level of the juice. Steeping should be used with caution as the steeping of light flavors like strawberry, kiwi or other lighter flavors will result in them losing their flavor completely

How long does steeping e-juice take?

The duration of the steeping process depends on two factors; the juice and taste perception. Light flavors like fruity flavors often take little steeping time of about a day or two. On the other hand, Intense flavors like tobacco, usually need at least two weeks to attain maximum flavor.

The main purpose of steeping is to obtain the optimal flavor of the juice. So, if you acquire a good enough taste, then you can stop. The steeping time varies between vapers. Some folks would only steep for two weeks, while others might go as far as a month. A good indicator to show that your e-liquid is steeping is the color. If the color becomes a little bit darker, then that is a sign that it’s steeping.

For commercial e-juice products, check the bottle or labels for the expiration date or born-on date. Ideally, e-juice has a shelf-life of two years. So, check your product to see the time-frame, this will give you an idea as to whether the juice will require steeping. If the e-juice is relatively old and out of flavor, there is nothing steeping can do to salvage it.

How do I steep e-juice?

The steeping process usually involves subjecting the vape juice to heat, then after shaking it to stimulate mixing and finally exposing the juice to air for oxidation. Several techniques can be used to steep e-juice, but the most effortless technique involves the storing of the juice in a dark, cool place for a couple of weeks. This is accompanied by occasional shaking of the juice and exposure to air for oxidation to take place.

Check out the traditional method below. Mainly, use glass bottle irrespective of the method you choose as plastic bottles are not reliable and they can even ruin your juice for you.

Have a look at the traditional method and see why it is the most frequently utilized method when it comes to steeping.

1) Strip away the wrappers on the bottle

2) Keep the bottle containing the e-liquid in a cool dark place for a duration of 6-14 days. You can keep the bottle in a shoebox if you like.

  • Shake the bottle just once a day

  • Ensure no light touches the bottle as it can spoil the vape juice

  • Occasionally, open the lid of the bottle and expose the bottle to air for oxidation to take place. Do open the bottle for too long so as not to allow all the juice to evaporate.


Steeping is a delightful treat for vapers. Whether you purchase your juice from the store or you like making yours, steeping can be the last touch to take your vaping experience to the next level. Just sit back and let steeping do its magic.

Know that steeping might give a fantastic touch to your juice, but it has no cure for any bad juice. If after steeping for a while, your juice still has a poor taste, chances are it will always have that bad taste. Steeping enhances already good flavors. Giving more time to a lousy flavor won’t change its poor taste

How to Vape Or Vaping For The First Time

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You are part of those who want to learn how to vape right? I know you’ve heard it’s quite complicated and challenging, but don’t let that put off your vaping spirit, that’s why you have us, and we are here to assist you.

Vaping is an enjoyable phenomenon that you must first experience before you can fully grasp and understand it.

But before you can bring out your training wheels and learn how to properly vape, you need to know what you will be vaping.

To make sure you understand, we’ve been vaping into two parts; Dry Herb and E-Liquid (E-juice)

Dry Herb vaping entails the use of a vaporizer that is made for dry herb, be it a portable device or a desktop unit. Dry Herb generally refers to as cannabis, although it can be tobacco or any other herbs

E-Liquid Vaping entails the use of e-juices in a large device called personal vaporizers, or n smaller devices know as electronic cigarette. The user determines if the e-juice contains nicotine or any other substance.

Before we start

Ensure your vaporizer is fully charged with the charger that followed it.

If you want to preheat or you are in a bit of hurry, put on your vaporizer and set the temperature to low.

Grind your weed using a grinder and ensure it is not too moist

Use a packing tool to pack the herb chamber of your vaporizer. Ensure you strike the right balance. You don’t want too much or too little

Types of Inhales

There are two types of inhales

  • Direct lung

  • Mouth to lung

Direct lung: This type of inhaling is a single step process that involves the vapor being inhaled directly into the lungs. The technique is similar to those utilized for smoking out of hookah or even a water pipe. The Direct lung inhaling method requires a wider airflow and higher wattages settings.

Mouth to lung: Also called the MTL, this type of inhaling shares close similarities with that of a traditional cigarette. Unlike the Direct lung method, it is a two-step process that involves the vapor entering the mouth first, before proceeding to the lungs. The technique requires smaller airflow and lower wattage settings.

To get started, put your device on and choose your temperature. Depending on your choice, you can start low and then build your way up to your desired level.

The guide below is our little way of how you can vape adequately.

  1. Selecting the proper E-Liquid

Having to select between vegetable glycerin (VG) e-liquid and propylene glycol (PG) can be a cumbersome process. Finding the liquid that fits your taste isn’t always easy. VG gives plumes of vapor when exhaled while PG delivers a more intense flavor and a strong hit. Experimenting and testing out different ratios is the best way to select between both sets of e-liquids. Getting this right will enhance your vaping experience.

  1. The primer puff

A primer puff is a catalyst that jump-starts the vaping session. The way the primer puff works are by pressing down the button for a couple of seconds, and then after, take a 2 to 3 seconds slow inhalation to make sure the right start of the evaporation.

  1. Do you inhale vape?

Most people think that e-cigarettes need to be inhaled just like regular cigarettes. But this thinking is wrong and flawed. Just like chewing tobacco, there are soft tissues in the mouth that can help absorb nicotine, and as such, it doesn’t have to be inhaled. There is no written rule that states nicotine must be inhaled, the reason why ex-smokers prefer to inhale is that of the chronic addiction they’ve developed. Vaper this absorb the same volume of nicotine irrespective of whether they inhale or not.

  1. Which are better, Short or Long drags?

Short drags are more suited for regular cigarettes, but a long pull is ideal for e-cigarettes. The reason for this is that unlike normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes require a liquid to evaporate and as such, a short drag will not push enough liquid through the heating element, thereby leaving you with a disappointing experience. Persons who take the slow-longer drags usually report a more enjoyable vaping experience and also the slow-long drag prevents you from accidentally taking in excess e-liquid.

  1. How do I inhale vape properly?

Experienced vapers will always advise novice vapers using an e-cig to take between 3-7 draws from the vaporizer before they proceed to hold the vapor in their mouth for a couple of seconds. After this learning period, they can choose to inhale directly into their lungs or exhale directly. Those aiming for that lung-hit experience should know that unlike a regular cig that delivers the hit in about 8 seconds, the e-cig takes up to about 30 seconds to give that experience. The reason for this is that the vapor molecules generated by the e-cigs are larger than the smoke molecules normal cig-generates and these vapor molecules are not quickly absorbed into the lungs

  1. How long do I have to wait to enjoy another vape session?

To ensure the longevity and durability of your e-cig, it is usually advised that there should be a couple of minutes interval before each new session. This is to allow the cooling of the heating element and also, prevent you from having a sore throat or vaper’s tongue (bud burnout or irritation)

  1. Vaping Correctly- is there a wrong or right way to vape?

Even with the recommended methods above, there is no wrong or right way to vape as long as you avoid any short drags. Finding your preferences is what makes vaping a memorable experience. Different people have their different techniques, some experiment with different wattages, or new liquids, or whether to exhale via their noses or mouths. So, the room to find what works for you is large. Look for what works for you best.


With the information at your disposal, you should know how to properly vape with a dry herb vaporizer or with an e-cig. Even if you don’t get it right at first, don’t let that discourage you. Try, try and Try again until you become a seasoned pro

How old do you have to be to start vaping?

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In most states, underage vaping isn’t considered a crime. Therefore, appropriate vaping age technically doesn’t exist. However, at what age a vape can legally be purchased is a whole different story!

Typically, the laws state that selling vaping supplies to minors is illegal – unlike the act of vaping itself. Even in a few cases where possession or usage by a minor is considered illegal, it’s not taken very seriously, more like a traffic ticket or other minor civil infraction. In general, the legal vaping age matches the legal smoking age. However, the consequences of breaking these laws usually hit the seller the most, not the underage user. In other words, although illegal, vaping under 18 is highly unlikely to get the offender in jail or incur a heavy fine for the vaper.

What does the federal law say?

From August 8, 2016, the minimum age of 18 is required to legally purchase vaping supplies in accordance with the FDA’s deeming regulations. In fact, this was one of the main points for the regulations to come along, together with tobacco smoking. However, whilst stricter tobacco restrictions were in place even before then, vaping suppliers enjoyed the “grey territory”, especially online, selling to kids regularly and unapologetically.

Interestingly, even before the deeming rule, 48 states already had legal restrictions in place. In fact, only Pennsylvania and Michigan didn’t have any vaping regulations for minors.

The legal age is different everywhere

The federal law, however, doesn’t apply to all states – and therefore, the minimum age of 18 isn’t necessarily a thing also. In contrast, some states have much more restrictive vaping laws.


In Alabama, Alaska, and Utah, one must be at least 19 to purchase vapes. An even higher age of 21 applies to California, Hawaii, Maine, and Oregon. New Jersey was a 19-zone for a while, but on November 1, 2017, the legal vaping age was changed to 21.


It gets even more complicated considering there are separate laws in smaller municipalities and cities that ban vaping under the age of 21 altogether. This trend is primarily reinforced by a curious organisation called Tobacco 21.

What’s the deal with Tobacco 21?

Also known as T21, Tobacco 21 is a popular movement that gained traction in the last few years, appealing to not just the states, but also smaller jurisdictions and leading to vaping restrictions elevated to 21 years in many cities.


T21 shares a connection with the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation, that seems to be a project of a single man named Rob Crane. Crane, who is also a medical professor at Ohio State University, created Tobacco 21 and nurtured it to success, to the point where many tobacco control and corporate health groups started promoting the initiative rather heavily.


Dr. Crane openly hates vaping and calls it “a gateway to adult smoking”. As a result, not only T21 is against smoking, but it also promotes a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to low-risk nicotine products, often twisting the facts to get the message across. According to the Tobacco 21 website, “e-cigarettes should be subject to the same sales and marketing restrictions as traditional cigarettes, but in most states proper regulation has lagged well behind combustible cigarettes.

Recently the FDA has begun the slow process of restricting e-cigarette sales to those over 18 [which is not actually true – the age has been 18 for more than 12 months – Authors.] but they have made no move to reduce marketing to kids, limit youthful flavouring, or monitor online sales.

The flaw with this is obvious: many people under 21 smoke cigarettes already and would therefore benefit immensely from access to low-risk quality vaping supplies. As much as nicotine control bodies want everyone under 21 to just say no to nicotine, this is simply unrealistic. Lots of teenagers and young adults are moderate to heavy smokers – and the longer they put off quitting, the more unnecessarily difficult it becomes.

But what about zero-nicotine e-liquid?

A sensible approach would be to loosen the regulations around e-liquids with zero nicotine content – however, unfortunately, the law doesn’t make a distinction here, classifying it as vaping supplies.

This is because according to the jurisdiction-controlling law that communicates with the FDA (also known as the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act), “tobacco products” are anything that is “made or derived from tobacco”, as well as “components and parts”.


As such, if the zero-nicotine liquid can be used as a “tobacco product” additive, it remains a tobacco product also. Reality-bending? Perhaps. Oh well, life isn’t fair.

What is a Clapton Coil?

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What’s a Clapton coil, what’s the difference between different types – and how to make your own!

Today, we’ll discuss the origins of the Clapton coil, discuss how it works and why it has become so insanely popular, and what are some tips on picking one. For instance, those using sub-ohm tanks have likely encountered coil heads advertised as Clapton coils. Alternatively, you might have seen such coils being sold in ready-to-go wrapping, to match RTAs and RDAs. And of course, there is plenty of content all over social media featuring amazing photos and somewhat confusing videos.

So, for those new to the concept, let’s dial it back a little.

Essentially, a Clapton coil is just a type of vape wire which typically consists of a relatively thin gauge wire tightly wrapped around a wire core. The first one of those little beasts was created by the someone nicknamed mrdee3, an E-Cigarette Forum member. Playing his guitar, he suddenly realized that there is a lot of surface area on a guitar string. Struck by the idea, he turned a strand of 24-gauge kanthal in a drill whilst winding 32-gauge kanthal wire around it. Simple and genius.

Clapton coils have come a long way since then, and these days there are many types available, including but not limited to Staggered Fused Clapton, Alien Clapton, Framed Staple Clapton and many other with equally funky names. If you want to see some examples along with stunning macro shots, head over to Instagram and have a play with some hashtag searches. We’ll wait.

When to use Clapton coils?

Anytime you want to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced flavour
  • Better longevity
  • Boosted cloud production
  • General wow-factor as they are simply cool and exciting

How does the cloud production increase happen? Easy: it’s all about the increased surface area. The outer wire, wrapping around the bare-boned base one, creates additional nooks and creases, greatly increasing the surface area available. As a result, much more wire is exposed to juice, heating up more of it at the same time and boosting vapor production.

In turn, more heated juice and increased vapor production lead to more flavour notes becoming prominent, enhancing the flavour greatly. The coil basically creates a symphony of different temperatures, and at each temperature, the juice releases slightly different flavour notes. The core heats up much faster compared to the outer layer, unleashing the flavours that typically come out at higher power levels. At the same time, the lower temperature of the core still promotes the flavours that are staple at lower power levels. So much flavour at the same time!

Remember us mentioning all the creases and twists in the outer coil? They also trap some of the juice, acting like a wick, if you will. Some types of Clapton coils emphasize the wicking properties of the outer coil – for instance, the Alien Clapton (thanks for your genius invention, blueeyedgoon89) disperses the juice through the wire when wet.

Making your own Clapton Coil

There are a few easy approaches for this fun project, the simplest one probably being harnessing the core wire to a fishing swivel mounted to the end of the table or other sturdy surfaces. Clamp the other end of the wire very tightly in a drill and start spinning the drill with one hand, winding the other wire on with the spare hand simultaneously. Hold the outer wire by the spool and keep winding directly off that – this promotes neater results and uses much less wire. Don’t grab the spool too tightly though, or the wire can snap. At the same time, holding it too loosely isn’t great either as it creates uneven spaces in the wraps which can be rather annoying. Another pro tip is to try and keep a 90° angle between the wires.

It’s not a walk in the park initially, not going to lie, but once you get a hang of it, the stuff becomes quite easy, we promise. There are also nuances for different types of Clapton coils – e.g. the Fused one tends to get twisted, which requires some patience and a pair of good nylon tipped piles to resolve.

The best advice we can give is to start very slow and pick up the pace once you are feeling confident.

Buying a ready-made Clapton coil

Not feeling like a handyman? No problem – simply purchase your Clapton coil ready-made.

Consider what you want from the coil and go from there. A general rule is the bigger the coil, the hotter it will be – and, the lower the resistance. Multiple coils decrease the resistance significantly, akin to parallel coils. The best advice is to test a few and see what you like!

Best Vape Shops Near Me – Vape Store Locator

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Searching for a best vape shop near me? use ore vape locator to get a best ejuice and vape mods near you.

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Vape Wild Review 2018

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Vape wild


   Unique e-juice flavors and fantastic customer service is what Vape Wild is known for. This budding e-juice manufacturer from Dallas, Texas offers a large variety of e-juices at pocket-friendly prices without cutting corners with their products.

As a brand, the company is exciting in several ways. Research on their website shows a labeled section called Pretentious. This label has two items one tagged the most expensive E-juice of all time which sells at $500 and then there is another tag called Space Pawn E-juice, which from some funny reason, it is always sold out at all times.

The amazing attribute of Vape Wild is the large array of flavors it has in stock. At present, each flavor category ranges from Drinks, Food, Tobaccos, and even Menthols. If you want to get a taste of each flavor, you have the option of ordering small amounts of each of the flavors and give it a try. This option allows you to sample of the flavors without having to pay the full price for them.

Vape Wild Pricing

One of the highlights of Vape price is that even with their pocket-friendly prices, they never compromise on the quality of their products. In some places, low prices may signify poor quality, but that isn’t synonymous with Vape Wild. Each product is made with premium quality. Their current biggest deal is 10ml for $2.99, and it is a best seller. Put that into comparison with similar companies that offer 15ml for $12 or even charge more.

Packing and Design

Vape Wild offers the same packaging as any other e-juice manufacturer. Their flavors come in transparent plastic bottles. On the label, the name of the flavor is specified, nicotine strength, logo as well as PG/VG ratio. Interestingly, they offer a variety of packaging in several sizes ranging from 10ml to as high as 480ml.

Mixing Options

As with their variety of sizes, they also provide a range of mixing options. As an example, you can select three different PG/VG ratios as well as six different levels of nicotine strengths. The variety afforded means users can be adventurous in attempting to see which of these variety meets their needs.

The different level of nicotine can be beneficial for those who either want to increase their nicotine count or are looking to wean off of nicotine. This variety offers lots of versatility. Also, VG can produce more vapor while PG offers a more deep throat feel and at the same time a better flavor. Too much of either PG or VG can ruin the flavor. The way to use it all depends on your preferences and taste.

The positives about Vape Wild

  • Amazing customer service

  • A large variety of flavors

  • Numerous mixing options you can utilize to customize your e-juice

  • You can ask for a customized artwork on your e-juice

  • A special handwritten thank you note which shows they care about you.

  • Childproof packaging

  • Free samples of their top flavors for orders above $15

  • Orders above $30 get priority shipping

Negatives about Vape Wild

  • The products have different steep times which changes the flavor

  • Their free samples only include a limited number of flavors, and also, you are not afforded the option to select top tobacco flavors

  • The biggest negative about Vape Wild is that their ingredients are not well stated on the label. On contacting customer support, they stated all their flavors are well tested in the lab, and they meet they meet with the required standards.

Vape Wild- Flavor Boost

The flavor boost should not be mistaken for a flavor; instead, it is just a booster that is added to other flavors to intensify their output. It comes in 10ml bottles. Using Vaping Flavor boost alone only generates a sour taste that clogs the atomizer up. When we tried it, we found out that it boosted some flavors more than others. It went well with most fruity flavors except for Peanut butter jelly time, in which it entirely poorly alerted the flavor.

Vape Wild Flavors

Vape Wild has a vast range of flavors. The flavors range from beverage flavors, fruity flavors, tobacco flavor, and even candy flavors. We tried our hands on some of them.

Other Vape wild products

Vape Wild also offers a wide range of products as well as an incredible customer service. They have atomizers, starter kits, chambers and other variety of products including a DIY juice kit that allows you to make something that fits your need when they don’t have it among their flavors.


Vape Wild is a game changer in the Vape industry and one that has come to put a new spin on things. They are customer oriented, and as such, they provide premium quality products at pocket-friendly prices. It gets you on the level you want to be on a friendly budget.

Vapor Wide has an extensive range of flavors. So, no matter what flavor range you need, you can get it with Vapor Wide. The price is affordable, and the product is quality. Vape Wild provide their customers with a free 10ml Mystery Flavor each month. This mystery flavor becomes their next big juice.

There is also a 10ml Vape it forward bottle with every purchase. Because of the numerous flavors available, it will be wise to try out smaller samples of each flavor to know which flavor meets your taste first before making a larger order. Give Vape wild a try and let us know what you think.