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How old do you have to be to start vaping?
In most states, underage vaping isn’t considered a crime. Therefore, appropriate vaping age technically doesn’t exist. However, at what age
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What is a Clapton Coil?
What’s a Clapton coil, what’s the difference between different types – and how to make your own! Today, we’ll discuss
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Best Vape Shops Near Me – Vape Store Locator
Searching for a best vape shop near me? use ore vape locator to get a best ejuice and vape mods
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E-Cig Comparison
At E-CigaretteReview.org, we are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information on all different types of electronic cigarettes
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E-Cig Basics
Basic Things You Should Know About Electronic Cigarette There are many reasons for choosing a particular brand or type of
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How To Save Money With Electronic Cigarettes
It is a known fact the electronic cigarette use brings about many benefits to its users. Aside from the many cited health advantages
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How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?
Electronic cigarettes are undeniably the hottest smoking alternative in recent years. Many are simply getting hooked using the product because
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Legality of Electronic Cigarettes in the Unites States
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulated electronic cigarettes as tobacco products in early 2011. This decision taken by the
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What Chemicals are Present in Tobacco Cigarettes?
Studies on the ill-effects of smoking have been conducted since the early 1950s. In 1986, the IARC (International Agency for
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With the advent of products like vaporizers on the market, the smoking community has been revolutionized in recent years. For those new to the vaping lifestyle, the array of vape mods, vape pens and products like e liquid can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the best vaporizers and most trusted online vape stores to help you navigate into this new and fast-expanding realm. Here at EVapeReviews.com, all the time-consuming research has already been done for you, so you can get a vape starter kit and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


In order to acquaint yourself with the world of vaping, browse our site. In addition to compiling a list of five of the best online vape stores , we have also tried to formulate a good introduction to the products you will encounter as you explore this new smoking sensation. These online vapor stores that we’ve featured are chock full of product reviews, FAQs, and the biggest selection to help you choose the best vaporizer for your lifestyle. Most offer a lowest price guarantee, and free shipping. As your shouldn’t trust your credit card to any online merchant, we have only featured merchants with encrypted e-commerce SSL certificates, and and a solid reputation in the industry. Also, be sure to use one of the discount codes we have provided at checkout for even greater savings on your first vape.
Before ever making that first purchase, however, you might want to understand how vapes work. A vape is a device (larger desk top devices or smaller hand held size vapes) that convert dry herbs, eliquid, waxes, or oils into water vapor you can inhale by heating the substance to a certain temperature that is just below the combustion level. Since vaporizers do not produce actual smoke, they are generally considered a safer alternative to smoking (although quitting smoking altogether is, of course, your healthiest option) and can even be used in public places where traditional tobacco smoking is banned. Vaporizers also don’t release the harmful toxins that traditional cigarettes do into your body.
In fact, many smokers turn to vapes as a means to taper nicotine intake or quit smoking altogether. When you vape, you still have the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette or cigar, but you can control the amount of nicotine you get through your choice of the eliquid or e juice you use. There are even tons of options that are nicotine-free and e liquid flavors that appeal to those who have quit cigarette use. Many people who have turned to vaping report that giving up traditional forms of smoking was nearly effortless with the use of vapes.